Main Event Results – April 8, 2021

Main Event Results – April 8, 2021
Main Event Results – April 8, 2021

Main Event
Date: April 8, 2021
Location: Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Byron Saxton

It’s the go home show for Wrestlemania so it’s time for the really important recap videos. I don’t expect anything new in the way of wrestling but there is no reason to think otherwise around here. This kind of show is about as perfect as you can get for Wrestlemania week, but they still need to do it right. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Mansoor vs. Drew Gulak

They go technical to start with Mansoor grabbing a headlock and hitting a hard shoulder. Gulak pops back up and that means it’s an early standoff. Mansoor works on a wristlock and Gulak can’t even slam his way to freedom, instead being pulled into an armbar. Gulak switches into a short armscissors, sending Mansoor over to the rope. The arm cranking continues with Mansoor doing his best to spin out into a front facelock. A sunset flip gives Mansoor two but it’s too early for the slingshot neckbreaker. Gulak headlocks him down but Mansoor spins him around into a cradle for the pin at 5:17.

Result: Mansoor b. Drew Gulak – Cradle (5:17)

Back at Fastlane, Edge cost Daniel Bryan the Universal Title, though not before Bryan made Roman Reigns tap. This set up the triple threat match for the title at Wrestlemania.

From Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso

Street fight with Edge on commentary. It’s a brawl to start with Bryan knocking him out to the floor. Uso grabs a chair and the suicide dive is cut off by a shot to the head. The chair is wrapped around Bryan’s leg but he avoids a splash Pillmanization. Bryan cracks him over the back with the chair but here are Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman to watch from the stage as we take a break.

Back with Bryan in trouble and Edge looking very pleased as Jey sends him into a chair wedged in the corner. A chain shot sets up the Superfly Splash for two, followed by a hard whip into the steps. Bryan manages a suplex from the steps to the floor and the chair crushes Uso this time. Back in and Bryan hits a missile dropkick to set up the YES Kicks. The YES Lock makes Uso tap at 13:06.

Result: Daniel Bryan b. Jey Uso – YES Lock (13:06)

Post match Bryan hits the running knee on Edge and sends him into the post for a bonus. Bryan goes up the ramp, ducks Reigns’ chair toss, and hits a running knee on him as well. The YES Lock goes on until referees break it up, leaving Bryan to pose to end the show.

We look at Miz and John Morrison painting Bad Bunny’s $3 car.

From Raw.

Here are Damien Priest and Bad Bunny to address what Miz and Morrison did earlier. Priest says it’s easy to jump Bunny 2-1 so let’s make this a tag match at Wrestlemania. Bunny talks about how he has been a huge fan for a long time and watched wrestling with his dad. He is only here to do his job and perform his song about Booker T., but now he has to deal with these two.

After switching to Spanish for a bit, Bunny says he doesn’t respect Miz anymore and at Wrestlemania it is time to give him a whipping. Miz and Morrison pop up on screen to mockingly applaud everything Bunny and Priest said. The tag match is on and they ride off.

We run down the Wrestlemania card.

Angel Garza/Akira Tozawa vs. Lucha House Party

Garza and Metalik trade dives to start until Metalik nails a superkick. We take a break and come back with Garza kicking Metalik out of the air. It’s time to crank on the leg a bit, followed by some strikes from Tozawa. Garza adds a running knee in the corner and it’s time to work on the arm a bit.

Metalik gets in an enziguri but gets crotched on top. That doesn’t seem to matter as he snaps off a super hurricanrana and the hot tag brings in Dorado to pick up the pace. A high crossbody gets two on Tozawa with Garza making the save. Garza slides to the floor and Metalik is right there with the Asai moonsault. Back in and Dorado hits the shooting star press to finish Tozawa at 9:49.

Result: Lucha House Party b. Angel Garza/Akira Tozawa – Shooting star press to Tozawa (9:49)

Long video on Randy Orton vs. the Fiend, setting up their Wrestlemania match.

From Raw.

Here is Drew McIntyre for an opening chat. We see a clip of King Corbin and Bobby Lashley taking him out last week and, after the fire goes off, McIntyre talks about how we have five days until Wrestlemania. Things have changed so much in the last year and now McIntyre is ready for he and Lashley to tear each other to shreds.

Drew talks about how much he wanted to be WWE Champion, even when his mother was getting leukemia treatment. He wanted to go home so badly but his mom threatened to beat him up herself if he gave up. It took his this many years to get to the top of the mountain….and here are Lashley and MVP to cut him off.

Lashley says it took Drew sixteen years to get to the top but it took Lashley seventeen so he knows the feeling. Now he is on top of the mountain and everyone wants to take his title. Last week he felt Drew quiver and shake in the Hurt Lock, which Drew agrees is no joke. Drew is ready to fight right now but MVP says they’re waiting for Saturday. MVP promises Drew loses so Drew says maybe he can go be an Amazon driver instead. Or he can say screw that and come win the title back at Wrestlemania. King Corbin comes out to promise to beat up Drew tonight.

From Raw.

Drew McIntyre vs. King Corbin

Before the match, Bobby Lashley promises to put McIntyre to sleep at Wrestlemania. MVP is on commentary as they shove each other around to start. Drew grinds away on a headlock for a bit before running Corbin over for two. Corbin manages the slide underneath the corner into a clothesline for two of his own, followed by a hard whip into the corner to drop McIntyre again. A belly to back slam gives Corbin two more and they head outside.

This time Corbin is whipped into the steps though and McIntyre smiles as we take a break. Back with McIntyre getting two off of a bridging northern lights suplex and then hammering away. Corbin sends him to the apron and then into the post though, which has MVP rather pleased. Back in and Corbin gets two of his own off a suplex of his own before crucifixing the arms and elbowing McIntyre in the head.

Corbin cuts off a comeback attempt with a chokeslam for two. Another under the ropes clothesline is cut off with a spinebuster for a jackknife cover into a near fall. McIntyre grabs the Futureshock for two. Corbin catches him on top and gets two more off a superplex, followed by Deep Six for the same. That’s enough for MVP, who says that this is about taking out McIntyre, meaning it’s time to send in the cane. Of course it takes too long and McIntyre hits a Claymore for the pin at 18:00.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. King Corbin – Claymore (18:00)

Lashley comes out for the big showdown to end the show.

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