Two Special Performances Added To NXT Takeover

Two Special Performances Added To NXT Takeover
Two Special Performances Added To NXT Takeover

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It’s another part of the show. WWE is a huge wrestling company but they also try to do a few other things besides just getting in the ring. That can make for more than a few different kinds of moments as WWE can present things in a variety of ways. It is certainly the case in NXT as well, and now we are going to be seeing a few different things during this week’s specials.

This week, NXT will present the first ever two night Takeover special with Stand & Deliver. The shows will be part of WrestleMania week while also continuing NXT’s rather strong history with Takeover. Since the shows are bigger than usual by definition, it means that things need to be treated in a different way. Now it seems that we are going to be seeing something special outside of the ring.

WWE has confirmed a pair of musical performances for the two nights of Takeover. First, Nits Strauss, the guitarist for Alice Cooper, will perform the National Anthem during night one. Strauss has appeared with NXT before and played Shinsuke Nakamura to the ring at WrestleMania 31. Second, Billboard has announced that Poppy will debut a new song on night two. Poppy has performed at multiple Takeovers, along with Halloween Havoc.

These two have had some cool moments. Check out what the two have done in NXT and WWE before:


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