New Title Match Confirmed For WrestleMania 37

New Title Match Confirmed For WrestleMania 37
New Title Match Confirmed For WrestleMania 37

IMG Credit: WWE
Add it to the card. There are a lot of titles in WWE and it makes sense to have them defended on major shows. That would include the biggest show of the year, which is coming up in less than two weeks with WrestleMania 37. Several title matches are already set but there are still a few that need to be announced. One of those was taken care of this week on Monday Night Raw.

There are very few champions in WWE today as unique as Riddle. The reigning United States Champion is unlike anyone else in WWE today and that makes for some of the more interesting moments on any given show. Riddle says rather random things and rides around on a scooter, which has not pleased everyone else in the locker room. One such name is now getting a title shot.

This week on Monday Night Raw, a United States Title match was announced for WrestleMania featuring Riddle defending against Sheamus. The announcement comes after Sheamus attacked Riddle on last week’s show and then defeated him in a non-title match during this week’s show. Sheamus is a former two time United States Champion, having last held the title in 2014.

I think you can get the idea. Check out how we got to the match and some of their previous showdowns:


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