Steve Austin Names Two WWE Stars Of The Future

Steve Austin Names Two WWE Stars Of The Future
Steve Austin Names Two WWE Stars Of The Future

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I’d listen to him. There are very few stars in the history of wrestling who can approach the level of Steve Austin. His meteoric rise in the late 1990s launched WWE up to a level never before approached and is still talked about in revered terms to this day. Austin is still seen as one of the greatest legends of all time and people are going to listen when he speaks, which he has done again.

One of the trickiest aspects of WWE is keeping the talent feeling fresh. There are only so many ways to freshen the roster up but the easiest way is to bring in some new names. At some point you have to take the reins off though and that is where WWE has some issues. WWE seems to have some names in mind, and a few of them have caught Austin’s eye as well.

In a new interview with Bleacher Report, Austin spoke about the up and coming names who have caught his eye. Austin named Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair as stars who are destined for greatness. The two women were the final entrants in this year’s women’s Royal Rumble and will both be challenging for Women’s Titles at WrestleMania 37. Austin is not expected to be at the show.

Austin had quite the career. Check out some of his moments, plus the up and comers in action:


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