Finn Balor versus Karrion Kross should see the return of the Demon

Finn Balor versus Karrion Kross should see the return of the Demon
Finn Balor versus Karrion Kross should see the return of the Demon

Finn Balor’s second act in NXT has been priceless, full of amazing promos and instant classics in the ring. The reinvention from his main roster character has yet to stale. Instead of smiling at every turn, the Prince simply acknowledges that he is the best, and backs up those remarks in action. It was only a matter of time to get the matchup we are getting at NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver once Karrion Kross returned from injury. Returning to reclaim a title that he never loss.

Karrion Kross should face off with The Demon at some point in their feud

Kross was skyrocketed to the top of the card and defeated NXT’s only double champ, Keith Lee. During the run leading up to that program, the mystique behind the Kross character was developing. Headlined by Scarlett’s magic and exploding contracts. If there was any time to re-debut the Demon King gimmick it’s against Karrion Kross. It’s understandable why to this point Balor has ventured away from the character. It was a staple of his first NXT run, while on the main roster it was almost too campy. Throw in the fact that the character was built as an unbeatable force that only appeared on major occasions.

One could argue the main roster did no favors with the Demon character from what NXT built as a spectacle. Yet and still the last time Finn was the Demon was against the recently released Andrade in a forgettable Saudi Arabia show back in 2019. Many dream matchups featuring the Demon could have been made though never were. To this day it makes no sense why Finn did not call on his alter ego versus Brock Lesnar. Of course, protecting the character is one thing, but there are alternative ways to achieving that outcome.

Fast forward to NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver Balor now faces his stiffest challenge in an undefeated Karrion Kross. Balor himself has been on a tear as the Prince, only dropping a singles contest to Adam Cole. This matchup is truly a toss-up and cooling off either character with a loss is a tough call. However, the battle itself should be hard-fought enough that Balor calls on his alter ego to vanquish Kross once and for all. Whether that means Finn loses the title or the bout ends in a no contest, they are both acceptable methods to get there.

The feud between Balor and Kross could carry the NXT World Championship picture up until the summer in a best of three fashion. The breaking point for Balor should be unleashing the Demon on Kross. Both characters have enough range where a stellar cinematic match can be performed during this rivalry. Yes, the Prince has been untouchable, but this rivalry needs the Demon to be a hit.

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