The Undertaker announces Kane as WWE Hall of Fame 2021 inductee

The Undertaker announces Kane as WWE Hall of Fame 2021 inductee
The Undertaker announces Kane as WWE Hall of Fame 2021 inductee

The temperature of this year’s WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021 is about to rise as The Big Red Monster Kane takes his rightful place in this year’s class. Kane is a superstar that worked in various roles in the WWE before he stepped out of his wrestling attire to work as the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

The news broke on WWE’s show The Bump when The Deadman announced it to one-half of his Brothers of Destruction team member. Kane and The Undertaker have served as two powerhouses inside the squared circle, but it was a breath of fresh air to see the former World Heavyweight Champion break down when he heard this overwhelming news from his on-screen tag team partner.

Kane started his WWE career in 1996 when he appeared as Issac Yankem, who was Jerry Lawler’s private dentist. He returned as The Undertaker’s manager Paul Bearer’s illegitimate son. WWE started a storyline where they revealed that Taker lit a fire that killed his family at the funeral home except for Kane.

The Big Red Machine showed up on 5th October 1997 during Badd Blood: In Your House, and the duo has worked together in various storylines ever since. They worked as family and foes and won various tag team championships over the years. It is the sheer brilliance of Taker and Kane that people were engrossed in their storytelling style, and some went on to believe that Kane was indeed Taker’s real-life brother.

Kane and Taker worked at Crown Jewel in 2018, but the match wasn’t received well by the WWE Universe. The two have not been in the ring together after the event, but Kane has made sporadic appearances and was at the Royal Rumble event this year. He even won his first 24/7 championship during the 16th September 2019 episode of Raw and was a part of the Survivor Series event in 2020, where he honoured The Undertaker’s retirement ceremony.

The former Tag Team Champion has made a lasting impression during his time off the ring and continues to work for society in his role as the Mayor. It is validation to a career that has instilled fear in people’s hearts between the ropes but won them over with his kindness beyond it.

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