Tonight could be one of the last times González & Kai team together

Tonight could be one of the last times González & Kai team together
Tonight could be one of the last times González & Kai team together

NXT returns tonight (Mar. 24) from the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC) in Orlando, Florida.

Advertised for the show:

  • General Manager William Regal announce the consequences forAdam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly’s actions last week
  • Regal addressed the vacant NXT Tag Team championship
  • Oney Lorcan vs. Karrion Kross
  • Finn Bálor’s next move in response to Karrion Kross & Scarlett’s games
  • Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon defend the NXT Women’s Tag titles against Jessi Kamea & Aliyah
  • Raquel González & Dakota Kai vs. Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

As usual, here are our five questions about NXT tonight:

1) What’s the stipulation gonna be, Mr. Regal?

After watching former Undisputed ERA best friends Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly spend every week since TakeOver: Vengeance Day trying to kick each other’s asses (including what appeared to be attempted vehicular manslaughter last Wednesday), General Manager William Regal has had enough. He’s handing out “consequences” to Cole & O’Reilly tonight. We all know that will involve a match at April 7 & 8’s TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. But what else will it entail?

Steel cage? Street fight? Could be. Loser leaves NXT? That would be really interesting, seeing as some fans have been speculating for months about Cole leaving WWE ASAP to join his DMD lady friend in AEW.

Whatever it is, bet on it also coming with something that keeps these former NXT Tag champs from laying a finger on each other for the next few weeks. And speaking of the Tag Team titles…

2) And the plan for the tag belts?

Danny Burch’s separated shoulder forced Regal to vacate the championship, which I guess confirms NXT has bigger plans for Pete Dunne than filling in as Oney Lorcan’s partner (and that, sadly, Pat McAfee is too busy to come back any time soon). Plus, Oney demanded a match against Karrion Kross for tonight, so he’ll probably be out selling that for a few weeks anyway.

MSK is owed a title shot as soon as Wes Lee’s broken hand heals. Lee & Nash Carter’s feud with Grizzled Young Veterans remains hot and would be a great title match. But Zack Gibson was given what we think was a kayfabe injury last week, but that might be covering for something else… we just don’t know. Maybe the Imperium program could be wrapped into this, but Alexander Wolfe and Timothy Thatcher were also missing from the Mar. 17 show – an episode that was rebooked due to a COVID outbreak at the Performance Center.

Tournaments are always great, but the Dusty Classic just wrapped up last month, so it might be too soon to go back to that well. And those also require several teams to actually be healthy.

Whatever the GM’s solution is will tell us a lot about the health of the division.

3) Is Dakota Kai & Raquel González’s partnership built to last?

Before they won the first Women’s Dusty Cup, some thought NXT would use the tournament to break-up Raquel González and Dakota Kai. González is clearly headed to the top of the division (here, on the main roster, or both) as a solo act. Kai’s a great babyface. A post-loss beatdown from the Big Texan to the Kickin’ Kiwi could help them both.

There was an opportunity to run that play when their NXT Women’s Tag title reign only lasted an hour, but Triple H & team didn’t call it then either.

Is tonight they night? The duo don’t seem to be on the same page, with Raquel focused on taking Io Shirai’s Women’s title at Stand & Deliver and Dakota feeling like an afterthought. If González is going to be the one to finally take Io’s belt, her team could take a loss her… and if Kai is the one who gets pinned or submitted by the champ or Zoey Stark? Big Mami Cool might just snap.

4) Does Finn Bálor need an equalizer for Scarlett?

Face it Prince. You got played last week.

The simple answer would be for the NXT champ to just stay out of situations where his challenger’s witchy woman can set him up an ass whoopin’. But this is pro wrestling, so everyone isn’t going to do the smart thing… especially not babyface titleholders.

Finn’s more a tweener, or at least a loner, though. I don’t see a situation where his suddenly allying himself with someone would really help his angle with Karrion Kross, but you never know. With several NXT UK stars making trips across the pond for ‘Mania week, maybe Aoife Valkyrie will be revealed as a long lost member of the Bálor clan.

5) How is The Way going to get Indi Hartwell to stop thirsting for Dexter Lumis?

It seems Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae have been successful in convincing Austin Theory that Dexter Lumis isn’t his friend. To be fair, Lumis made it pretty easy when he tried to turn a hug into his finishing combo during their match last week. But how are they going to get Indi Hartwell over her crush on the Tortured Artist?

I mean, she’s very intrigued by his dead eyes and…

TakeOver will probably feature Gargano vs. Theory for the North American title and Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart defending the Women’s Tag belts against LeRae & Hartwell. The Way is going to need Indi Wrestling’s full attention if they want to leave Stand & Deliver with gold.

Will they have it? Or will she be spending both nights trying to get Sexy Dexy’s attention?

Join us in our live blog and we’ll see if we get any answers to these questions tonight.

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