Four ways he would be in the business today

Four ways he would be in the business today
Four ways he would be in the business today

It is always tragic to see a wrestling legend pass away, especially when it is one-half of the two most iconic wrestlers in history.

Randy Savage was part of the reason WrestleMania was worth watching. WCW benefited greatly from bringing “The Most Dangerous Man” into their fold. Even TNA got to experience the Macho Man for their PPV (albeit very shortly).

One wonders how Randy Savage would be utilized today in wrestling. Would he hang up the boots or be realized as a wrestling king?

What would “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s role be if he were still alive today?

1. Randy Savage as Joey Janela’s Coach

It’s no doubt that WWE and AEW would fight tooth and nail to bring him under contract. If Cody Rhodes could coax him to the “Elite” side, he would most definitely work with Joey Janela. Janela already dresses like him and wrestles like a man struggling with insanity. Randy could take the young wrestler under his wing, helping him to unleash his inner madness. Imagine hardcore matches with John Moxley where the Savage one is screaming that he is not using enough thumbtacks. Picture a tag team where Janela and Savage hit a double elbow drop from the top on Cody and Dustin. AEW would sell its left arm for this opportunity.

2. Randy Savage as the General Manager of NXT

With all respect to William Regal, WWE would jump at the chance to bring the Macho Man back into the business as the head honcho for one of their shows. The opportunity to bring Randy’s brand of glam and ridiculousness to the young promotion would’ve been the life NXT needs. As a manager, Randy Savage could do things such as create cage matches between Nakamura and Samoa Joe that would rival his match with Ric Flair. The clash between WWE and NXT would be turned up six notches with the “Macho Man’s” antics. You wouldn’t be able to argue the pure entertainment value as Savage walked to the ring wearing the biggest and shiniest hat he could afford to announce that Adam Cole would be facing Kyle O’Reilly in an Extreme Rules match.

3.  Randy Savage as a member of Marty Scurll’s Villain Enterprises

This one is a bit of a stretch. The idea that ROH could get The Macho One to be a working member of their company. I can dream, can I? The possibilities are endless. Marty Scurll, one of the most flamboyant and eccentric wrestlers in the world, hiring Macho Man to work alongside PCO and Brody King. It would ensure that every match had the most bizarre spots. Savage as a heel is some of his best work. Randy Savage would be using the 2X4 as his secret in-ring weapon to knock out Jay Lethal for some heel wins. In an epic turn of events, Macho Man would challenge Marty for his leadership position as leader of Villain Enterprises beating him to force Marty to leave ROH (a much better storyline than just quitting the company).

4. Randy Savage as the CEO of Savage Wrestling

I know we need another competing federation like a hole in the head, but If Savage wanted his own company we would gladly give it a watch. Hulk Hogan once hinted that he was going to start his own wrestling company and Ted Dibiase had one in the early 2000s. Savage Wrestling would marry the chaos of ECW and the bright colors and personalities of the 80s. Randy hires Chris Jericho, The Big Show, AJ Styles, Booker T, and DDP as AAA talent while shining the spotlight on newer talents like Matt Riddle, Scorpio Sky, Lio Rush, Eli Drake, and Rey Fenix. Charlotte Flair becomes the manager of the women’s division hiring Awesome Kong, Bea Priestly, Becky Lynch, Penelope Ford, and Big Swole. Main events would be full of match interference, illegal weapon use, and wild twists. The fans would go nuts screaming “Team Savage.” Perhaps the greatest reason to watch is when Randy recreates the NWO Red and Black with Cody Rhodes, Big Show, and, Chris Jericho in the forefront. Then Ric Flair makes a guest appearance and starts a competitive team with DDP, Scorpio Sky, and AJ Styles.

Thank you for entering this dream world with me. The memory of the Macho Man Randy Savage will never die.

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