Kenny Omega to face winner of Swann vs. Moose at Sacrifice

Kenny Omega to face winner of Swann vs. Moose at Sacrifice
Kenny Omega to face winner of Swann vs. Moose at Sacrifice

Following All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Kenny Omega’s Impact Wrestling in-ring debut at the company’s Hard to Kill pay-per-view last January, many wondered when the current AEW World Champion would next wrestle for the promotion.

It took a few months, but fans got their answer at the conclusion of the March 9 episode of the company’s eponymous flagship show.

As part of the final hype for their main event match for this Saturday’s Sacrifice event — which will feature Impact World Champion Rich Swann defending his title against “TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose”, Impact’s de-facto on-screen general manager Scott D’Amore added some more stakes to the match.

The winner of Swann/Moose will defend the Impact Championship against AEW Champ Kenny Omega

D’Amore announced two things to juice up Swann vs. Moose. First, the winner will unify the Impact World Title with the TNA World Title, bringing the long-running storyline of Moose carrying the retired latter championship around to an end.

Most importantly, however, was the second announcement: the winner would face Omega at Impact’s Rebellion PPV on April 24, with both the Impact and AEW World Titles on the line (just as Don Callis planned, apparently).

This announcement seemingly makes Swann the favorite to unify the titles considering his status as the company’s lead babyface — and a great foil for Omega’s current character — and the established story threads the company started sewing when Omega showed up at Impact in December 2020 with Callis.

In that initial guest spot, Omega stated his intentions to win as many world championships as he could — comparing the pursuit to collecting comic books — and capped off his stay by attacking Swann to set up the six-man tag for Hard to Kill, a match where Omega pinned Swann to win the match for his team.

Suffice to say, Impact hopes that Omega’s continued involvement will keep their increasing viewership trending in the right direction. Bringing Omega in paid dividends for them earlier this year, and that was just to set up a tag match. It will be interesting to see how a more focussed program with just Swann (or Moose) and Omega — who will surely appear on some of the shows in-person to build this match up prior to the PPV — will perform commercially, especially with Swann putting together a solid reign as champion.

Either way, this is clearly a win for Impact and, most importantly, the fans.

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