Official migration date of WWE Network to Peacock revealed

Official migration date of WWE Network to Peacock revealed
Official migration date of WWE Network to Peacock revealed

The WWE has announced the official launch date for their content on NBC Universal’s streaming platform Peacock.

Announced earlier today via a press release on the official migration of WWE content to NBC Universal’s streaming platform Peacock will begin on March 18th. Among the content being migrated over on March 18th will be the full slate of WWE Pay Per Views for 2021 beginning with the Royal Rumble which took place in January of this year as well as episodes of Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live that are at least 21 days old and have aired in 2021. As well as any episodes of WWE Chronicle, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, and their myriad of reality programming to air episodes in 2021.

The full content library including thousands of hours of regional content and the full library of WCW and ECW PPVs and television shows do not yet have a clear launch date on the streaming platform. With the press release simply stating that they will be coming in the summer of this year.

Perhaps most frustratingly for US-based WWE Network subscribers is that there will also be no account migration as was initially hypothesized. Instead, users choosing to follow the WWE content from the network to Peacock will have to register for a new account.

The network will still be active past the initial migration date of March 18th but is currently slated to be shut down for US users on April 4th. With no concrete date being disclosed for when the full library of network content will be available several fans may feel as if they are paying for a lesser service. So if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to go back and binge early 80’s territory wrestling or see what the PROGRESS restart has been all about. We recommend you do it now.

Update: It appears that the archived content will be heavily edited before moving over to Peacock.

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