Who’s gonna crash Bobby Lashley’s WWE title celebration?

Who’s gonna crash Bobby Lashley’s WWE title celebration?
Who’s gonna crash Bobby Lashley’s WWE title celebration?

It’s not exactly the championship match they were promoting for last week’s Raw. But what WWE is advertising for the Mar. 8 episode will probably tell us something about their plans for the brand’s top belt at Fastlane later this month – and maybe even April 10 & 11’s WrestleMania 37.

Wrestling fans know that championship celebrations are made to be interrupted. Just like contract signings are supposed to build tension for existing feuds, these types of segments are used to signal whether a titleholder will start a new program, continue an existing one, or both. Somebody’s music is going to hit while The Hurt Business is celebrating Bobby Lashley’s big win.

So who’s it going to be?

Does Miz dare show his face after his pathetic performance last Monday cemented his eight day reign as a historically weak one? Was a win over Sheamus all Drew McIntyre needed to re-enter the title picture after losing the belt via cash-in at Elimination Chamber? Could Lashley finally be getting his dream match (if Brock Lesnar doesn’t show up at Revolution the night before, that is)?

We’ll find out in a couple days, when we’re also promised the next steps in the Braun Strowman/Shane McMahon feud:

Braun Strowman is one angry monster, and he wants answers.

The Monster Among Men feels like Shane McMahon has been out to get him in recent weeks. From excluding him from the Elimination Chamber Match, to not automatically giving him a WWE Championship opportunity, Strowman has some gripes. Matters were made worse last week when Shane may have inadvertently cost Strowman and Adam Pearce the Raw Tag Team Titles in their match against The Hurt Business, so now an apology just may be in order.

Will Shane McMahon grant Braun Strowman’s demand and issue an apology to The Monster Among Men?

Oh boy.

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