The case for Christian as AEW’s mystery signee

The case for Christian as AEW’s mystery signee
The case for Christian as AEW’s mystery signee

Tony Khan and Paul Wight’s talk last week has a lot of fans hoping they’re going to see “CM Punk is #AllElite” tweets on Sunday night during Revolution. Others are hoping Brock Lesnar shows up to F5 the AEW President after a signing a contract on the Mar. 7 PPV. Speculation has encompassed quite a few names.

One that fits Wight and Khan’s descriptions is Christian. There’s some debate about whether or not he’d be a let down. To folks who only think of him as Edge’s sidekick, or who have their hopes pinned on the return of pro wrestling’s prodigal son or one of the biggest stars in modern combat sports history, he probably would be.

But to many in AEW’s core fanbase of diehards, he probably wouldn’t be. These are folks (full disclose, like the Peep writing this post) who’d agree with Khan that Christian is one of their favorite all-time performers. They/we would certainly second Wight’s assertion he’s “hall of fame worthy”.

We’ve heard conflicting reports about whether Christian is under contract to WWE. If he’s not (and the latest reports indicate that he isn’t), we know he wouldn’t hesitate to leave the company for a chance to prove himself on a different stage. He bet on himself back in the mid-aughts, and spent three years as Christian Cage main eventing for TNA… back when that company was a cool alternative to The ‘E, before Hulk Hogan showed up and led it into the LOL era.

Then there’s the fact it was an AEW star who kicked off the Capt. Charisma lovefest among pros after Royal Rumble. Cash Wheeler’s passionate defense of Christian against the exact type of fan who’d call him appearing at Revolution a let down certainly shows the former NWA and WWE World Heavyweight champ would be welcomed in the All Elite locker room. It sounds like whoever the mystery signee will be AEW’s latest “player/coach”. Punk’s Twitter handle aside, it’s hard to think of anyone who’d be better in that role than Christian.

It’s weird that he hasn’t made a WWE appearance since the Rumble, too… right? With WrestleMania right around the corner and more than a few big names missing this year’s Show of Shows, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t use an Attitude Era star if they could. Fightful Select says he hasn’t been backstage, and their sources haven’t heard any plans for him, either.

Last but probably least, there was yesterday’s reports that AEW Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh recently followed, then unfollowed, Christian on Instagram.

Will Christian Jay Reso at last be on his own (again) tomorrow night? Or has this member of his Coalition worked himself into a shoot?

We’ll know in 30 or so hours.

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