Five gimmick matches for the future

Five gimmick matches for the future
Five gimmick matches for the future

AEW Revolution features an exploding barbed wire deathmatch and here are some other gimmick matches fans would like to see. 

The gimmick match is one of the most significant specialties in professional wrestling. While most fans enjoy a classic standard match, the 90’s kid in me loves a good gimmick match that can help progress the storyline wrestlers are in. Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley will continue as one of the greatest wrestling rivals of this generation when they face each other in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch for the AEW World title at AEW Revolution.

The match was announced at the end of the February 17  episode of AEW Dynamite.  It was at the end of the match that Omega and The Good Brothers attacked Moxley after he, Fenix, and Lance Archer defeated Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, and The Blade. Omega said that he would give Moxley the rematch he wanted, but it would be in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch. Moxley would respond by headbutting Omega, who would eventually leave Moxley laid out by two V-triggers.

On March 7th at AEW Revolution, Moxley and Omega will face off in one of the most brutal matches in professional wrestling history. In this article, I will be discussing the five matches that AEW should consider having.

5. First Blood Match

As we all know by now, AEW isn’t afraid to show its fans blood. When it comes to Cody and Jon Moxley, they are the top AEW guys who will go out there and spill some blood on that ring mat. The first blood match is a good match to have because it could help create a new babyface superstar in AEW. The WWE hasn’t done a first blood match in over a decade, and bringing it back in AEW could help get heels and babyfaces over more.

4. Two out of Three Falls

A Two-out-of-Three Falls match is a match where in order to win, a wrestler must their opponent by pinfall or submission. AEW has some of the best wrestlers on the planet on their roster, and this match would help determine who truly was the best wrestler on the roster. This is an excellent match to end a rivalry.

3. Monster’s Ball Match

With AEW having a partnership with Impact wrestling, this is one match that we might see sooner rather than later. The earlier versions of this match were the best versions. The concept of the match involved wrestlers being locked in a dark room for 24 hours before the match. The wrestlers’ goal being locked up that long was for them to come out angry and to want to go to war with anyone in their way. The match is a no disqualification match that allows the wrestlers to use any weapons they want.

2. Lions Den Match

The Lion’s Den match is a match that WWE hasn’t used since the 90s, but it should be brought back because it was a unique match that felt like a real fight. The Lion’s Den match was a match where a wrestler must knock out their opponent unconscious or make them submit inside an octagonal cage. The rules are made to feel like an MMA-type fight.

1. War Games Match

In the last few years, WWE has used the War Games match that was created by Dusty Rhodes but only on the NXT brand.  The war games match has hosted some of the greatest matches in professional wrestling history. While NXT has put together some good matches, none has come close to being on the level as the earlier NWA/WCW days War Games. It was announced that Cody Rhodes had filed a trademark for the match beyond, which was another name for the original War Games. It is only a matter of time before we see AEW put their spin on one of the most excellent gimmicks matches as well.


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