It’s Finally Bobby Lashley’s Time To Shine

It’s Finally Bobby Lashley’s Time To Shine
It’s Finally Bobby Lashley’s Time To Shine

Dear WWE Creative,

You’ve created quite the scenario for me as of late.

Watching The Miz become a two-time WWE Champion at the Elimination Chamber last Sunday was, well, to paraphrase Mizanin, AWWEESSOOMMEE!

However, the story that has unfolded since has been captivating as well, to say the least. Monday Night Raw arrived the day after the Chamber, and an arc has been put in place allotting Bobby Lashley the opportunity to challenge The Miz and fulfill a 16-year dream for him and his fanbase.

While I love the idea of Miz as champion, and potentially moving on to ‘Mania, I also love the idea of Bobby Lashley finally snagging WWE’s top gold. Lashley has always had a unique in-ring presence. He’s extremely athletic, a physical specimen, and whether he’s heel or face, he plays the part flawlessly. While we can all agree he may not be the best person on the mic, he’s evolved significantly in this regard over the years, and with MVP by his side as a mouthpiece, his current character is packaged to perfection for a WWE Championship run.

The cards could be laid out perfectly for a possible championship reign and well-deserved marquee match at WrestleMania for Lashley. One of the other aspects of this that I love is that there is a shake-up in titleholders while on the Road to WrestleMania. Once I think I know where things are going heading into The Grandest Stage of Them All, a plot twist occurs, and we find ourselves on a different path.

Should Lashley accomplish his 16-year mission of becoming the WWE’s top guy, there are so many possibilities for a headlining – or main-eventing – match at WM 37. But I can’t shake the feeling that Lashley becoming WWE Champion means another major goal could be fulfilled, and that is for him to finally get in the squared circle with Brock Lesnar. This is something that Lashley has wanted for a while, and many within the WWE Universe have anticipated since Lashley returned to WWE in 2018.

At the end of the day, there’s a certain excitement in the air, an aura that feels so different than any other time in the past when Lashley has been placed in a title race program. There’s a sense that this time could be the time. Could Bobby Lashley defeat The Miz to finally attain the holy grail that he’s been destined for, for years now?

I’m hoping that this coming Monday Night Raw will prove to be Bobby Lashley’s time to shine. Not only as WWE Champion, but at WrestleMania; whomever his opponent ends up being.



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