Big Cass returned to professional wrestling

Big Cass returned to professional wrestling
Big Cass returned to professional wrestling

Big Cass returned to pro wrestling after a well-documented downfall starting with his release from the WWE. 

There are so many examples of tragic stories in professional wrestling. That is why it is important to highlight the “happy or positive” endings that emerge in the industry. Big Cass made a return to professional wrestling and after his downfall when he was released from the WWE, it was an exciting moment to see him return to the ring.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore were expected to become major stars when they were moved to the WWE main roster. While things started off well for them, the downfall of both men was an unfortunate situation to watch. Cass was released from the organization in 2018 and things continued to get worse for the man from New York City. Over time, he revealed the extent of his issues with alcohol and more.

“I’ll tell you this – I’ve never said this on record – I’ll say it here, before the seizure, every day I was drinking a handle of Tito’s vodka,” Cass said while speaking to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet.

From there he would go to speak about battling depression and other mental health issues. However, it looked like Cass had overcome those issues and was working his way back into the wrestling scene. He would appear across multiple independent promotions, getting matches with the likes of Jon Moxley and MVP. Then the pandemic brought an end to that as it did for many independent wrestlers.

Big Cass made his return at Luke Gallows’ Lariato Pro event on Saturday. Not only did he perform, but he returned in the best visual shape of his career. According to multiple reports, he received a standing ovation for his performance.

Stories such as these seem few and far in-between in professional wrestling, but when they do happen, they bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Seeing Big Cass return to action was a positive moment that will hopefully lead to many more for the performer while standing as a testament that others can overcome.

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