Should Jay White Become Impact World Champion

Should Jay White Become Impact World Champion
Should Jay White Become Impact World Champion

It has been rumored Kenny Omega will dethrone Impact World Champion Rich Swann. However, there may be a different lethal “bullet” in the chamber.

The world of pro-wrestling has been more thrilling than ever in recent months. Mostly thanks to the multiple companies that have come together unlike ever before. It started with Kenny Omega winning the All Elite Wrestling World Championship with the assistance of Don Callis. He took the championship and made headlines by arriving in Impact Wrestling as AEW World Champion.

Since then, Tony Khan has stated that he has officially opened “The Forbidden Door,” which excites most wrestling fans. Some of the top companies in the world are now working together to put out the most entertaining wrestling they can. While companies like AEW and NJPW have been in the spotlight, this has helped Impact Wrestling back into the spotlight as well.

While it may have been All Elite Wrestling that opened up the door, but it was Impact Wrestling that gave a stage. Since then, Impact Wrestling has continued to bring in top talents from around the world.  We were honored to see Matt Hardy return to Impact Wrestling with Private Party with him to make their names known in the company. They would earn a shot for the Impact Tag Team Championships in their debut match.

Impact Wrestling has been reminding everyone exactly how good they can be. One of the best things going on in the company is the tag team division. To spice the division up, even more, NJPW’s tag team FinJuice recently made their Impact debut. The team of Juice Robinson and David Finlay won their debut match in impressive fashion.

After the match, they were confronted by the Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers. This would be an NJPW dream match in an Impact Wrestling ring. Both teams are former IWGP Tag Team Champions. However, they were champions at different time spans of the company and they never crossed paths. I am looking forward to seeing them do so in Impact Wrestling.

While Juice Robinson and David Finlay are awesome to have in Impact, there are many more New Japan talents that I would love to see cross over into the company. One of the people that stands out on the list for me is “Switchblade” Jay White. Earlier this year, Jay White teased leaving NJPW, despite ultimately returning at the Road to The New Beginning.

White returned by attacking Tomohiro Ishii, continuing their feud and reminding everyone who the leader of the Bullet Club is. While Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers may be wearing their shirts and using their gestures, they are no longer official members of the club. Kenny Omega is arguably on top of the wrestling world once again. A statement that leaves a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

I would think that it would leave a bad taste in the mouths of the Bullet Club. They have seen Kenny walk out in their gear acting like he was still a member. A group that Kenny was the leader of before he walked away and turned his back on it. The new leader of the Bullet Club Jay White should be the man to step up and do something about it.

While Kenny and Don Callis look to make Kenny the face of AEW and Impact Wrestling, “King Switch” should come in to shake things up. While everybody is expecting Kenny to take the title, Jay White could arrive in Impact Wrestling to face Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship and possibly even become the new champion.

Fantasy booking at its finest, but Impact Wrestling and Jay White would both benefit greatly from the deal. We, the fans, would also benefit as this would open the door for a rematch between Kenny Omega and Jay White. I don’t expect anybody would be against seeing the two collide again.


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