Adam Cole lays out Roddy Strong

Adam Cole lays out Roddy Strong
Adam Cole lays out Roddy Strong

Adam Cole was scheduled to explain himself and much more in another edition of WWE NXT in the WWE Performance Center. 

WWE NXT was set to feature a lot of action across the roster, including a highly anticipated showdown between Karrion Kross and Santos Escobar, Xia Li promised to hurt Kacy Catanzaro and Adam Cole’s explanation.

Dexter Lumis had some business with Johnny Gargano, and they were the first up to start the night on Wednesday. The two men were competing in a singles match, but Gargano’s North American title was not on the line.

Lumis used a stiff right hand to get the early advantage, beating up Gargano at a slow and measured pace. Gargano was able to swing things in his direction when the match ended up outside and he slammed Lumis into the steel stairs. Lumis fought back and seemed unfazed, until he ate a suicide dive from Gargano, opening the door for more punishment.

Lumis was able to get some momentum flowing back in his direction, but Gargano was not going away. Gargano attempted to get the rest of The Way involved, but it did not play out in his favor. Lumis forced Gargano to run into Austin Theory, and then locked on The Silence in the middle of the ring, choking Gargano out.

Dexter Lumis defeated Johnny Gargano: C+

This was a decent match, but the minute it was announced as non-title contest it was easy to predict that Lumis was going to win because of the way the WWE books their champions leading into new feuds. Lumis is the guy that will take that North American title off Gargano, but there’s interest to see what happens when we get there.

Tyler Rust continues to attempt to build his stock on NXT and he was scheduled to face Leon Ruff. At least that was the plan until Swerve Scott appeared and crushed Ruff before the match could begin.

Zoey Stark made her NXT debut last week and in her second match she stepped into the ring against Io Shirai in a non-title match.

Shirai was out to the early advantage first, landing a basement dropkick and stopping on Stark in the corner. Stark took over when she knocked Shirai off the top rope, but none of her pin attempts brought the victory. Shirai landed a big top-rope Hurricanrana, followed up with a double-underhook backbreaker, but Stark got her own offense in such as a stiff German suplex. Shirai countered a charging Stark, setting up a double knee in the corner and the moonsault for the win.

Io Shirai defeated Zoey Stark: B

This was a solid match for both women and an attempt to get Stark over as a future threat. Not sure what is the point in pinning someone that everyone had a high opinion of, but that is how the WWE continues to book things.

Xia Li attacked Kacy Catanzaro but Kacy was able to use her quickness to do all the dodging needed early. Kacy tried to stay one step ahead of Li, but she did not have anything to offer to stop her opponent. Kacy had her moments, but Li continued to kick out of every pin attempt. The two women end up outside where Li stomps on Kacy’s leg, causing the referee to stop the match.

Xia Li defeated Kacy Catanzaro: B+

The continued build of Xia Li works out well as she smashes another opponent and calls out Kayden Carter next.

Tag team action was up next with Killian Dain and Drake Maverick talking on the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Dain and Maverick started out well, putting together some tag team offense that had James Drake flat on the mat. Dain used Maverick as a weapon, hurling them onto their opponents who were outside the ring. Dain’s power continued to come into play once he was tagged back into the match, throwing both men around the ring like children.

The Grizzled Young Veterans’ version of tag team technique continued to play well in their favor. They eventually found a way to get Dain out of the ring and hit Maverick with the Ticket to Mayhem so they could pick up the win and rebound after their loss to MSK.

Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Killian Dain and Drake Maverick: B

This was another good tag team match to continue to build Grizzled Young Veterans up in NXT. Expect them to wear tag team gold at some point in 2021, probably taking it off MSK.

Santos Escobar and Karrion Kross did not wait to get into the ring as the brawl started outside the ring. Kross initially dominated Escobar until a truck door was slammed on his back. It soon became a numbers game where Legado del Fantasma jumped in, making it a three-on-one fight.

That was until Kross destroyed both men and turned his sights onto Escobar. But Escobar responded with a steel chair, leveling the bigger man before throwing him into the steps. Escobar was dominating much of this match, thanks to having the numbers in his favor.

Yet again, Kross demolished the extra men ring side and put his focus back on Escobar, putting him through the announce table. Escobar did not have anything else to give after that, eating more suplexes and an elbow to the back of the head. Kross would pin him in the middle of the ring for the victory.

Karrion Kross defeated Santos Escobar: A

This was a destructive and brutal match. Escobar looked exceptionally good in defeat, using his minions as needed to keep heat on himself. Kross picks up the win and he also look strong, overcoming three men along the way. Good action and looking forward to what is next for everyone involved.

Adam Cole comes out in the main event segment to explain himself for attacking Kyle O’Reilly. Roderick Strong and Finn Balor came out, resulting in a brawl between the three men. Cole lays out Balor but Strong drops Cole in the middle of the ring. Cole acts like he makes up with Strong, just to hit him with a low blow and finish him off with a superkick to close out the segment.

WWE NXT has put on a series of strong shows since NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day and this was another entry.



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