Is Edge vs Roman Reigns a ‘Best For Business’ idea

Is Edge vs Roman Reigns a ‘Best For Business’ idea
Is Edge vs Roman Reigns a ‘Best For Business’ idea

Edge made the right call going at Roman Reigns to set the stage for WrestleMania in six weeks. 

Edge attacked Roman Reigns during the closing moments of the WWE Universal Championship match at Elimination Chamber. WWE spilled the beans on last week’s episode of SmackDown when Reigns speared Edge. It was clear that WWE had planned this story as a reliable wrestling rumor source Wrestlevotes had also shared this information on Friday. The big question remains if this is a decision that will favor the business side while adhering to the ongoing safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

WWE is looking at all avenues to ensure seamless entertainment without risking people’s health. If that does become a reality, WWE would want to put on a match card that would entice fans to spend some dollars and be in the stadium for a live experience. We all know how WWE decided to pull off a show last year without the fans, and this year around, Vince and Co. would want to create a moment of bliss for the people watching in the stadium and at home.

Edge vs Roman Reigns creates a buzz between the members of the WWE Universe. WWE would want to bank on a superstar that has turned the tide of the ratings ever since he returned to the Royal Rumble event. The Rated-R superstar knows a thing or two about cutting edgy promos. With WWE Fastlane a pit stop before WrestleMania, we can see some other superstars step up to The Tribal Chief before he sets his sights on The Master Manipulator.

It would be great to excite the fans for a faceoff between two superstars that have worked well as heels than a babyface through their careers. WWE knows that Fastlane happens in four weeks, and the company will not have the required time to build the feud between the two, so a spear by Edge at Elimination Chamber does set the tone for the storyline to continue as WrestleMania draws close. This feud will help weekly shows and Mania alike because the two can pull off some moves before the big show, and with the verbal smack by The Mad Genius can take down anyone anytime.

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