Kurt Angle thinks Chad Gable will eventually get pushed in WWE

Kurt Angle thinks Chad Gable will eventually get pushed in WWE
Kurt Angle thinks Chad Gable will eventually get pushed in WWE

Since Chad Gable joined WWE in 2013, fans have constantly compared the former Olympian to another WWE grappler who participated in the Summer Games: Kurt Angle.

Those connections aren’t without merit: In addition to their backgrounds as amateur wrestlers, both men acclimated to pro wrestling seamlessly shortly after signing with WWE, both have that “adorkable” sense of humor that would be loathsome if it wasn’t so genuine, and both can pull it off without damaging their respective credibilities as in-ring threats.

It’s no wonder many fans wanted Gable to get the “Kurt’s son” role when WWE scripted that storyline in 2017 (WWE ultimately went with Jason Jordan).

As such, Angle is a big believer in Gable’s potential and thinks that his time at the top of the card is an inevitability.

Kurt Angle thinks that Chad Gable will get a push in WWE at some point.

On his podcast (subscription required), Angle had this to say about Gable (h/t to Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert for the transcription):

“Chad has been underutilized, and I believe it’s his size, even though he’s as strong as an ox. He does a deadlift German with 300-pounders and it’s impressive. To do something like that, that’s a talent you want to utilize. He’s the real deal. He might not look that big, but his strength, technique, and ability show in those matches. If you put reigns on the kid, he’s not going to succeed, but if you let him go and let him do his thing, he’s going to be a huge star. Someday, they’re going to utilize him correctly,” said Angle. “People get injured, main event wrestlers especially because they are putting in the most work. Eventually, he’s going to get called up into a spot and he’s going to blow their minds and they’ll keep him in that spot. It’s going to happen eventually.”

Though Gable has found success as a tag team wrestler — winning the NXT and SmackDown Tag Team Championships with Jason Jordan and the Raw Tag Team Championships with Robert Roode — he hasn’t gotten a real chance to break through as a singles star. His run in the 2019 King of the Ring tournament, where he lost in the finals to Baron Corbin — seemed like a turning point for for him, but that turned out to be the vehicle to repackage him as “Shorty G”, a gimmick designed to point out Gable’s small stature.

As of now, Gable — now working again under his full name — is teaming with Otis as the Alpha Academy on SmackDown, a not-so-subtle nod to the team that put Gable on the map.


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