It’s too early to hate The Miz as champion

It’s too early to hate The Miz as champion
It’s too early to hate The Miz as champion

The Miz may not have been the champion fans wanted to see, but wait to see how this plays out before passing judgment on the booking.

WWE Elimination Chamber closed out with The Miz holding the WWE title, reclaiming the gold off a Money in the Bank cash-in thanks to an amazing assist at the hands of Bobby Lashley. What is that mean for the future of the WWE title? The verdict is going to remain out there until WWE Creative shows its hand. But right now, the title picture involves The Miz, Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and the opportunity to build something interesting for WrestleMania season.

Early angst around the Elimination Chamber was founded in the fact that all the men involved were champions years ago and the match did not feature any new names. Even after The Miz removed himself and was replaced by Kofi Kingston, it was hard to get excited about this match heading into the WWE Network special. Now, with the main event in the rearview, there is a chance to create something that excites fans heading into the biggest PPV of the year.

Four weeks remain before WWE Fastlane on March 21, followed by two weeks before the first night of WrestleMania on April 10. A lot can occur between now and then and the ending of the Elimination Chamber sets up questions that need to be answered. Does the Miz owe Lashley a title shot? How does McIntyre respond? Is John Morrison going to be around to help The Miz or will he be the first challenger for Matt Riddle, leaving the new champion exposed without backup?

If booked correctly, these six weeks can set the stage for a situation in which Lashley finally wins the WWE Championship, righting the wrong which is still hard to understand today. The momentum behind McIntyre’s title reign has slowed in recent months and the WWE has failed to get any real interest in him, outside of his match against Roman Reigns back at Survivor Series. Putting him in the position of chasing after either Lashley or The Miz may help correct that or help the WWE go in a different direction while he is being rebuilt. Closing that gap with Sheamus is also another matter that must be solved and can still happen without the title in tow.

Getting upset with WWE’s booking is an understandable reaction, seeing how there is so much to take issue with from the promotion. The Miz walking out of a WWE Network special in 2021 with the title around his waist is going to get a lot of viewers fired up. However, the opportunity to shake things up a bit before WrestleMania is now open and this can lead to something interesting and positive as the outcome.

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