Five Reasons Why People Should Be Watching MLW

Five Reasons Why People Should Be Watching MLW
Five Reasons Why People Should Be Watching MLW

Major League Wrestling is a promotion that wrestling fans should make a point to catch. 

Major League Wrestling was founded in 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Court Baur, who was a writer in the WWE.  What made MLW different from WWE was that it presented itself as a hard-hitting hybrid wrestling show. The original MLW from the early 2000s had many known faces come through its doors, such as Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Samoa Joe, Raven, and Daniel Bryan.  MLW would cease their operations and wouldn’t return to the world of professional wrestling till 2017, which lead to them getting a  television deal and a show called MLW Fusion.

5. They are willing to work with other wrestling companies.

Before AEW was making deals with Impact, NWA, and New Japan, MLW was already building connections with other wrestling companies. I remember as a kid my grandfather telling me about how better wrestling was when we had the territory system. MLW has had a partnership with Japan’s Noah Promotion and has worked with Mexico AAA promotion. The current MLW roster includes talent regularly featured on AEW Dark, AAA, and Impact wrestling. This is important information to know because it shows that MLW is willing to take things back to the golden age of professional wrestling and work with other companies, which is something WWE will never do.

4. The relationship with fans.

MLW  has a fantastic relationship with their fans, for example, their tickets are priced at reasonable pricing, and the VIP tickets are only $ 60USD. One of the best things about MLW is that they allow for meet-and-greet opportunities.

3. The storylines.

When It comes to MLW storylines, they are always straight to the point. The storylines on this wrestling show feel more like they have a beginning and endpoint, which is something that at times WWE, AEW, and Impact wrestling don’t do. They are an edgier product that gives fans well-thought-out storylines where the wrestlers can be real heels and babyfaces based on their personalities and not some goofy written storyline. Fans always know the reason why the wrestlers are fighting, there are reasons why someone jumps a wrestler backstage, and there is a reason why wrestlers become tag team partners. The storylines remind me of how WWE, ECW, and WCW were in the ’90s, where it always feels like something a happen. MLW Fusion doesn’t feel like a wrestling show it feels like a fight show that happens to have wrestlers on it.

2. The type of wrestling.

MLW has found the perfect way to present itself regarding the type of wrestling it promotes. MLW has found a way to mix old-school wrestling and new-school wrestling. For example, when is the last time you see a wrestling promotion with styles that included  Lucha, ECW style hardcore, strong British style, Japanese strong-style, and PWG-style spot-fests mixed in with wrestlers such as MJF that can talk on the mic with the best of them.

1.The roster

When it comes to professional wrestling, MLW has some of the best wrestlers in the world on its roster. MLW features a roster of new and old performers from all over the world. Among the talent regularly featured on MLW Fusion includes Jacob Fatu, the reigning world champion, Alex Hammerstone, the current open weight champion, among many others.

Some of MLW’s talented has previously appeared on WWE television, such as Davey Boy Smith Jr. Low Ki, Lio Rush, and Tommy Dreamer, who has appeared in the company. When it comes to new talent MLW roster includes Teddy Hart, Brian Pillman Jr., and The von Erichs. The original MLW was the first time many people were able to see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Samoa Joe; it will be interesting to see what next big star has their start in MLW

Major League Wrestling is a wrestling company that deserves to be taken seriously because of the effort that they have put in to separate themselves from any other wrestling company. MLW is a mysterious wrestling company because you never what is going to happen on Fusion. MLW calls their wrestlers fighters which is something no company has ever done before. MLW deserves to be watched by all professional wrestling fans.


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