Three names to add to the Revolution ladder match

Three names to add to the Revolution ladder match
Three names to add to the Revolution ladder match

The AEW Revolution ladder match needs to establish new names for the promotion and these three are the perfect fit for the moment. 

Two weeks remain until AEW Revolution and there is a lot left to build before the next edition of AEW on PPV. One of the big matches on the card will be the Face of the Revolution ladder match where the winner gets a shot at the AEW TNT title currently held by Darby Allin. This is an important moment and an opportunity to establish a new face in the still-growing promotion. Three names have been announced with Cody Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, and Penta all taking part. With those three remaining spots open, here are the individuals that should take those slots for the PPV.

Jungle Boy

While tag team action has been the focus of Jungle Boy’s development in AEW when he is given the opportunity to compete in singles matches Jack Perry has shown that he can go with the best of them. Perry can become a major babyface for All Elite Wrestling with the right build. And creating builds is something that AEW has continued to excel at since its inception.

Allowing Jungle Boy to qualify for this ladder match and have a great showing is the perfect way to start his climb to becoming a singles star. He does not have to win the ladder match, which would not be a bad idea either, but being featured and given a story after the event is a move in the right direction.


It is time to break Miro out on his own. Many people have complained and questioned his AEW booking direction since joining the company in 2020. Again, the organization excels in slow builds, but for many the steps they have taken with Miro have made him feel almost uninteresting. Fans are ready to cheer for the man once known as Rusev and see him pushed into the main event scene. Taking part in the ladder match at AEW Revolution and potentially winning it is a perfect moment to show that AEW is prepared to give Miro a shot higher up the card. It is always fun to see Miro in a squash match, but now is the time to begin placing him in serious storylines with stakes.

Chris Bey

At some point, there must be a surprise from Impact wrestling that makes an impact. Right now, most of the traffic seems one way, with AEW getting the upper hand. Chris Bey in the ladder match is the perfect move to change that. Bey is recognized as one of the hottest young names in the industry. Introducing him to the AEW fan base with this match at AEW Revolution expands his reach and can potentially drive viewers back to Impact wanting to know more about this performer.

Bey has everything that could be asked for in a professional wrestler, imagine the explosion of energy that would come if he were announced as an entrant or even shows up as a surprise at the PPV.

All Elite Wrestling continues to do a great job giving viewers enough of a taste of new wrestlers and surprises. The Face of the Revolution ladder match should be used to establish a new threat to the AEW title picture, and these three names should be added to that big match on March 7.

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