Five Reasons To Watch Ring Of Honor

Five Reasons To Watch Ring Of Honor
Five Reasons To Watch Ring Of Honor

It has never been a better time to get into Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor is my favorite wrestling promotion. It might not be that forever, but for the moment there are few companies putting on wrestling, particularly in the COVID-Era, that have my attention. And even fewer that so consistently put a smile on my face from the fare of wrestling they showcase on a weekly basis.

But, Ring Of Honor has had something of a shaky history. As mentioned in my article about their most recent Final Battle Pay-Per-View, they struggled to retain a sense of identity throughout their 19-year run. From beginning as the “pinnacle of indies”, their purchase of ownership by Sinclair Broadcasting that some would say led to a period of decay within quality to their oddly responsible actions during the Lockdown that many other promotions could take cues from, Ring Of Honor has had its decent hand of ups & downs.

Right now, however, ROH is on one of it’s biggest ups. Regrasping its sense of identity and individuality instead of simply trying to replicate other promotions in the hopes of achieving their success, Ring Of Honor now seems more deserving of any fortune that comes its way.

And I hope that by reading this article and listening to a recent and fervent convert to the promotions fanbase, you give them a chance. Give them the “honor” of watching.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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