Why Roderick Strong Should Go Solo In NXT

Why Roderick Strong Should Go Solo In NXT
Why Roderick Strong Should Go Solo In NXT

Roderick Strong’s part in the Undisputed Era split is an intriguing portion of the equation. 

The wrestling world was turned upside down on Sunday night at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. The Undisputed Era lived up to its motto of shocking the system. After running out to save Finn Balor from a triple-team attack, Adam Cole turned and nailed Finn Balor with a superkick. If that wasn’t enough to shock you, Cole took it one step further.

Cole shocked the system and the WWE Universe by turning on his friend Kyle O’Reilly, striking him with a superkick as well. Cole exited the ring leaving the shot of Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly left unconscious by Adam Cole’s hand. However, one of the most interesting angles coming out of the moment is the allegiance of Roderick Strong.

Adam Cole told Strong to follow him with he was exiting the ring but Roderick never budged. He stayed at the ring ropes, split between his two friends. Since then, everyone has been wondering what side Roddy is going to pick. Will he stay with Adam Cole, who he has been recently been teaming with more frequently, or will he side with Kyle O’Reilly?

While everyone is debating those questions, I am asking my own question. Is it time for Roderick Strong to move on from The Undisputed Era in general?

Roderick Strong was the last member of The Undisputed Era to join the group. Back at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans in 2018, he betrayed Pete Dunne in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes classics to lead The Undisputed Era to victory. Now, three years later, with the same four men in the ring, we watched them possibly implode from inside. I had a feeling that Pete Dunne would play some part in their destruction.

When Bobby Fish was injured, Roderick Strong became the glue that kept them together. With history repeating, Fish is out and the future of The Undisputed Era could be all up to Strong. If Roderick decides to walk away from Cole and O’Reilly, we might as well be witnessing the death of one of the WWE’s best stables to date.

There is a slight chance that Roderick Strong could play a peacekeeper and try to save the stable. We have seen tension between stables in the past that have led to a physical altercation of two or more of the members of the stable. There have been some that are able to get back on the same page. However, if Roderick decides that he isn’t interested in saving the group. Who would be?

I don’t expect Bobby Fish to return looking for inner peace in the group. I would expect him to quickly align himself with his reDRagon partner Kyle O’Reilly. So the fate of the stable is solely on the shoulders of Roderick Strong. However, as terrible as it sounds to fans of the group, I don’t think that Roderick should try to save The Undisputed Era.

Like a tragic work or a demented mind like Walter White, Roderick Strong should watch The Undisputed Era die, knowing that he can save it from its demise. It would be best for his solo career moving forward. It does not help him out by picking a side in their war. He needs to join in the battle with them and fight for the NXT World Championship as they have in recent years.

It has been since Roderick’s early days since he has been in the world championship picture. Since becoming a member of The Undisputed Era, Roderick was always behind Adam Cole in the order. Now, it is time for Roderick to show Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly that he belongs in the NXT Championship picture just as much as they do.

We could see the three members of The Undisputed Era collide for a shot for the NXT Championship. Perhaps they could even fight for the championship in a Fatal Four-Way match. It will be disappointing to see The Undisputed Era split up, but the possible matches and feuds are exciting. We will all be looking forward to seeing Adam Cole versus Kyle O’Reilly in an NXT ring.

They were tremendous rivals in Ring of Honor and put on great matches. However, nobody watching better count out Roderick Strong. Like Cole and O’Reilly, Roderick Strong is a former ROH World Champion and was known as “Mr. ROH” for many years. He has shown his work ethic in NXT and is a former NXT North American Champion.


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