Mustafa Ali needs to steal Kofi Kingston’s spot on Sunday

Mustafa Ali needs to steal Kofi Kingston’s spot on Sunday
Mustafa Ali needs to steal Kofi Kingston’s spot on Sunday

WWE has the opportunity to continue a long-term and intriguing storyline if Mustafa Ali takes Kofi Kingston’s spot in the Elimination Chamber

Just before Monday Night Raw started, Wrestling Inc released an exclusive story about a major change coming to the main event angle. That change, led to the Miz removing himself from the Elimination Chamber and Kofi Kingston taking that slot after defeating The Miz in a match later that evening. Kingston’s placement in the match is a testament to the former champion, but it is not where the story should end – especially with the history that is sitting right there between Mustafa Ali and Kofi Kingston.

For the last few weeks, Mustafa Ali has targeted both members of the New Day. Each time, he reminds them about what occurred back in 2019. It was his injury that opened the door for Kofi Mania. This iteration of Ali does not want anyone to forget that and he is focused on causing Kingston pain for “taking his spot.”

Since that injury, Ali’s time on the roster has not been the same. He went from matches with Daniel Bryan and being featured on SmackDown consistently, to being off television for nearly a year. When he is brought back, he is added as the leader of RETRIBUTION and while this angle has left much to be desired, Ali and his crew have done the best with the situation. Now, as the leader of RETRIBUTION, Kingston winning and getting into the Elimination Chamber is the perfect opportunity to get back at Kingston.

What should occur next is a simple call back to 2019. On the night of the Chamber, there should be a segment where both Kingston and Xavier Woods are found injured in the background. Adam Pearce is put in a tough position as the Chamber is now without an entrant and he needs to fill the slot. The person to fill the slot would be Mustafa Ali, bringing everything from 2019 full circle. But the situation does not need to end there. In the weeks to follow the mystery of who attacked the New Day would lead back to Ali, continuing the angle between the two groups.

The minute Kofi Kingston was moved back to Monday Night Raw, this story with Mustafa Ali presented itself as a major opportunity. It did not seem like the WWE would take advantage of it and this is a chance to fix that. It would be the best thing to happen to RETRIBUTION and Mustafa Ali, while keeping the New Day in a relevant storyline.

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