Showcase of talent or business opportunity

Showcase of talent or business opportunity
Showcase of talent or business opportunity

WWE celebrated the Republic of India’s 72nd anniversary with a show dedicated to the Indian audience where Indian superstars fought their nemeses and raised the bar. It was a two-hour spectacle featuring India’s Guru Raaj, Dilsher Shanky, Giant Zanjeer, Jeet Rama, Indus Sher, and Sareena Sandhu. The new faces brought a breath of fresh air between the ropes and gave the WWE Universe in India a moment to cherish the local talent.

In terms of quality, WWE Superstar Spectacle didn’t disappoint, as every WWE superstar put the local superstars over during and after their match. But was this a self-contained event or was there a bigger fish to fry, unlike Bobby Fish?

Did WWE try to seal and steal a business opportunity?

WWE has called India one of its largest business markets. It is right in saying so because the company has a large possibility to grow and gain revenue in the country. It is a known aspect that WWE has given the push to a lot of Indian superstars in the past only to gain a better and bigger base in the country.

Jinder Mahal became WWE Champion for that reason. Kavita Devi and others have been on the list because they allow the company to expand its base in India. Therefore, it is a good idea to further invest in that potential by opening a performance centre there. One must ensure that these superstars continually get the push instead of a one-off event.

WWE has allowed the fans to celebrate their 72nd Republic Day with their favourite local superstars. The opportunity will only gain more prominence if the company decides to travel to the country in the future. WWE did the last live SuperShow on the 9th of December in 2017 in the country. It’s about time that the company decides to step it up this time and bring in more superstars and add excitement.

If WWE Superstar Spectacle was the first step in three years, a visit to the country brings in more joy, and that will be a good move that will be in line with this business opportunity and will be ‘Best For Business.’

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