3 reasons why The Hurt Business should not split up

3 reasons why The Hurt Business should not split up
3 reasons why The Hurt Business should not split up

WWE has teased they breaking up The Hurt Business, in the last few weeks, this is a bad idea as they are one of the few highlights of a poor show.

The group has been a breath of fresh air on Raw, since becoming a quartet in September, they have an aura around them that nobody else on the red brand has.

Cedric Alexander, Bobby Lashley, Montel Vontavious Porter, and Shelton Benjamin have run roughshod over the Raw brand with Lashley in particular, having his best run since returning to the WWE three years ago – however internal strife has been evident recently.

Alexander seems to be getting too big for his boots – telling his more experienced partners what to do and tagging himself in matches when things are going smoothly.

WWE has spilt up several teams and stables recently. The Lucha House Party, The New Day, and The Riott Squad went from three-members to duos – The IIconics separated as did Heavy Machinery and Fire & Desire.

Below are three reasons why The Hurt Business cannot go down the same path as the aforementioned teams:

The Hurt Business make Raw worth watching

Raw can be a slog to get through at times. It is a three-hour show where nothing exciting happens for the majority of that duration.

The show is better is when The Hurt Business is on screen, especially when MVP is on the microphone. The former United States Champion is a great promo – even when he is making fun of an unsuspecting worker backstage or cutting off Charly Caruso mid-sentence during an interview, in all situations, he is entertaining.

The little things he does are noticeable. Mustafa Ali turned on him to join RETRIBUTION, MVP’s reaction was priceless, he sold the segment perfectly.

While MVP is clearly the most charismatic member of The Hurt Business – his teammates have all improved under his tutelage, especially Alexander. The master of the Lumbar Check has come into his own since turning heel four months ago – he has not been this relevant since winning the Cruiserweight Championship in 2018.

The Hurt Business adds legitimacy to the red brand – they back up their talk. This is refreshing, considering some of the storylines on Monday nights. They bring something different that Raw was lacking – they always garner positive reactions on social media, they are very over with the WWE Universe.

When you look at the teams that have disbanded recently – nothing significant has happened for either member.

The Hurt Business needs to re-group and come back stronger. From their “business is booming” catchphrase, to their entrance, they look like stars.

Separating them would be a huge mistake – WWE would be foolish to pull the trigger on this.

Sorry, creative has nothing for you

It speaks volumes about WWE’s creative process when they struggled to find anything productive for these four talented individuals before they became a collective.

Benjamin was involved in silly 24/7 Title skits that are beneath a man as accomplished as him. ‘The Gold Standard’ has been rejuvenated since MVP recruited him – a far cry from that weird gimmick he had on SmackDown in 2019.

MVP made a surprise return to WWE in the Royal Rumble match last year but did nothing of note until he convinced Lashley to ditch Lana and let him become his manager. MVP tried to elevate Brendan Vink and Shane Thorn but that did not work out, his talent was being wasted until The Hurt Business came together. MVP was going to be given the role as a backstage producer and retire as an on-screen talent – thankfully that did not happen. He is the glue that holds everything together, the group would not be a success without him.

Since accepting MVP’s offer – Lashley has gone to another level. He won the United States Championship in August and has only lost twice since then. Only WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is as protected as ‘The All Mighty’ on Monday nights. Lashley’s biggest flaw is his ability on the microphone – MVP was the missing piece of the jigsaw. If they go their separate ways, Lashley would lack the mouthpiece he needs to become the number one man in WWE.

The man who has benefited the most from this alliance is Alexander, which is ironic as he is currently causing the dissension. Alexander was on Main Event and losing most of his matches before turning on Apollo Crews and Ricochet – now he is one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions and featured regularly.

These four men were stuck in mid-card obscurity before they allied – what will become of them if they break up? All four are too talented to become afterthoughts again – they must stay together for the benefit of Raw and their own.

If it is not broken, why fix it?

The Hurt Business is only just getting started on Raw, they hold two of the four titles available to them just four months after becoming a four-man crew.

Why would WWE break them up when they have not reached anywhere near their full potential? It does not make sense. They are one of the best things about Raw, it is inconceivable WWE would even think about disbanding them, yet here we are.

Not since Evolution in 2004 has a stable held all the gold on Raw – The Hurt Business can do the same 14 years later.

Lashley is more than ready to become WWE Champion. He pushed Drew McIntyre all the way during their title match at WWE Backlash last year – there is no reason why he cannot win his first world title in the company in 2021.

Imagine if Naomi returns as a heel, wins the Raw Women’s Championship, and joins them – that is something never accomplished before in WWE. Alexander and Benjamin as tag champions, Lashley as a double champion, and Naomi owning the women’s division – they would be in possession of all the major titles on Monday night’s.

WWE has just scratched the surface with The Hurt Business, if given the chance, they can go down as one of the greatest stables of all time.




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