Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 set for 2021

Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 set for 2021
Dark Side of the Ring Season 3 set for 2021

Professional wrestling comes with a wealth of rumors and stories that are passed on by hearsay, only to become folklore to the millions of fans around the world. Therefore, some of the documentaries created by expert teams are so captivating when they are released. Dark Side of the Ring is a series that stands out among the pack when it comes to wrestling documentaries and the third season planned for 2021 comes with several topics that fans will not want to miss.

Mike Johnson of PWI Insider released news last week that season three is scheduled for release later in 2021, along with information about some of the planned topics for the episodes. Perhaps the two biggest topics listed for this upcoming season are on Brian Pillman and Chris Kanyon.

Both Pillman and Kanyon are two individuals that received praise for their work in professional wrestling, but far too long after they were gone. That is the only similarity in their stories, however, as it is instantly intriguing to see how Dark Side of the Ring will dive further into the men behind the scenes.

Pillman was best known for his time in WCW as a part of the Hollywood Blondes with “Stunning” Steve Austin, before heading over to WWE and joining the New Hart Foundation with Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, and Davey Boy Smith. He played a deranged character on television so well, that some often said it crept over into his off-screen life. Unfortunately, Pillman died on October 5, 1997.

Kanyon was an upper-midcarder during his time in WCW and was lower than that while a part of the WWE at the end of his career. Kanyon’s tragic story includes being a closeted gay man in an industry that has shown a clear lack of inclusiveness that continues today. Kanyon died on April 2, 2010, in what was ruled a suicide.

It is stories such as these that pull back the cover on professional wrestling, exploring the stories that are heard of, but not fully known. Past seasons included such topics as the Montreal Screwjob, the VonErich family, New Jack, and the Chris Benoit story. Season three should be appointment viewing for wrestling fans when it airs later in 2021.

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