Chris Bey should pick up a clean win over Kenny Omega

Chris Bey should pick up a clean win over Kenny Omega
Chris Bey should pick up a clean win over Kenny Omega

The crossover between All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling has been the early talk of 2021. Kenny Omega’s appearance on those two shows, along with AAA has made him one the most talked-about personalities in the industry. At Impact: Hard to Kill his team picked up a victory over Rich Swann, Moose, and Chris Sabin, where Omega pinned Swann to get the win. It is hard to see a situation where Omega is on the receiving end of a defeat anytime soon, but if it were to happen and that defeat comes at the hands of an Impact performer that individual should be Chris Bey.

Kenny Omega has overtaken professional wrestling again

Omega exudes star power. The people that complained about his AEW run “devaluing” the man who was on top of New Japan were quickly reminded that the “Best Bout Machine” is never too far away. Since his turn, he is put-on excellent matches with the likes of Rey Fenix, Jon Moxley, and Laredo Kid. Every time he steps into the ring it seems like he is out to elevate the expectations that viewers have for a Kenny Omega match.

Then, there is everything he is doing outside of the ring. Some may call it cheesy. Others may call it over the top. But everything he is putting into this character is translating into viewers as not only has AEW pulled away from NXT in television ratings, but Impact sees a bump whenever he is involved with the show. Omega draws eyeballs. That is why it is important for someone that can be deemed the future of Impact to get the first victory over him. Bey is that man.

Chris Bey is the future

Bey is 24-years old and has been wrestling for four years according to his Cagematch profile. In that time, he has been tapped as a personality and a performer that can reach all the heights available in this industry. Some wonder how long it will be before he makes the leap from Impact, but his journey to being one of the best in the business begins now. It is why he was added to the Super J Cup and performed well. It is why he and Swann put on a highly acclaimed match back at Impact Final Resolution. All eyes are on Bey and it is going to be his time – possibly sooner rather than later.

Imagine what a clean win over Omega would do for his profile. Even the announcement of a singles match with those two men would immediately elevate his stature. It is one of the matches that with the proper promotion can get people to stop and watch Impact just because the expectations on both men would be that high. There are certain wrestling matches and events that must-see, regardless of which promotion fans may enjoy or recognize as “the best” in the industry. A match between Kenny Omega and Chris Bey is on that list and the results would live up to that placement.

At some point, Impact will get their victory over AEW. When that occurs and Kenny Omega’s shoulders are pinned to the mat, it needs to be Chris Bey that gets that victory. Not only for his career but to establish that Impact Wrestling has one of the next big names in wrestling under its banner.

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