Impact Hard to Kill Results – Jan. 16, 2021 – Omega & Good Brothers vs. Swann, Moose, Sabin – TPWW

Impact Hard to Kill Results – Jan. 16, 2021 – Omega & Good Brothers vs. Swann, Moose, Sabin – TPWW
Impact Hard to Kill Results – Jan. 16, 2021 – Omega & Good Brothers vs. Swann, Moose, Sabin – TPWW

Impact Hard to Kill PPV Results
January 16, 2021
Nashville, TN
Commentary: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown
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Quick Match Results

  1. Brian Myers defeated Josh Alexander via clothesline (10:55)
  2. Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) defeated Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb via tornado DDT by Steve on Kaleb (8:55)
  3. Old School Rules: Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering defeated Rhino, Tommy Dreamer & Cousin Jake via piledriver by Young on Jake (9:55)
  4. Knockouts Tag Team Championship Final: Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) defeated Havok & Nevaeh via swinging neckbreaker by Hogan on Nevaeh to become the NEW & first champions (8:40)
  5. Matt Cardona defeated Ace Austin by disqualification when Madman Fulton attacked Cardona (2:30)
  6. X-Division Championship Triple Threat Match: Manik (c) defeated Chris Bey and Rohit Raju via rollup by Manik on Raju (13:50)
  7. Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) defeated Taya Valkyrie via double armbar (11:40)
  8. The Karate Man defeated Ethan Page via ripping out Page’s heart
  9. Barbed Wire Massacre: Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callihan via Emerald Flowsion on a barbed wire steel chair (18:50)
  10. Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers defeated Rich Swann, Moose & Chris Sabin via One Winged Angel by Omega on Swann (20:30)

Josh Alexander vs. Brian Myers

The action begins on the LIVE Countdown to Hard To Kill pre-show on AXS TV. Alexander hits a running crossbody to Myers who’s seated on the apron. Myers gains control by sending Alexander crashing to the floor. Myers trips up Alexander, then begins to wear him down with a sleeper hold. Alexader fights back and creates separation with a discus forearm, knocking Myers to the outside. Alexander hits bridging German suplex for two! Myers hits a Superplex, followed by a sit-out driver for a near fall of his own!

Myers pulls Alexander’s headgear over his eyes, then capitalizes with a huge clothesline to win!

Winner: Brian Myers (10:55)

Segment: Madison Rayne Announces Retirement

Madison Rayne announces her retirement from professional wrestling.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb vs. Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve)

Decay reunites in the opening match of the night! Kaleb hesitates to jump off the apron, giving Steve time to cut him off with a shot to the jaw. Rosemary hits the ropes but Kaleb pulls her by her hair, allowing Tenille to gain the advantage. Tenille adds insult to injury with the Dash-Woogie to the “Demon Assassin”. Steve is on fire after receiving the tag. Steve chases Tenille around the ring but is met with dropkick from Kaleb with a K. Kaleb misses a Moonsault as Rosemary and Tenille collide in the middle of the ring. Decay takes out Kaleb with a double Chokeslam but Tenille breaks the count.

Kaleb connects with a huge superkick to Rosemary. Steve sprays green mist into the eyes of Tenille, knocking her off the apron! Moments later, Rosemary does the same to Kaleb! Steve follows up with the tornado DDT to score the victory!

Winners: Decay (Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) (8:55)

Old School Rules
Eric Young, Deaner & Joe Doering vs. Rhino, Tommy Dreamer & Cousin Jake

Eric Young, Joe Doering and Deaner are now known as Violent by Design! Old School Rules means there are no disqualification, no countouts and anything goes! Jake’s anger boils over as he charges at Deaner.

The fight spills outside the ring and all over the IMPACT Zone! Dreamer hits Young with baking sheet, then follows up with a cutter. Dreamer, Jake and Rhino all take turns hitting Doering over the back with a steel chair. Doering tramples Dreamer with a huge running crossbody. Deaner takes Jake all the way from the top rope into a trio of chair. Jake soars through the air with a huge dive to the ramp. Dreamer backdrops Young into a pile of thumbtacks! Rhino hits Doering with the Gore! Deaner hits the Deaner DDT on Rhino. Jake connects with a massive Black Hole Slam on Deaner. Young hits Jake over the head with his mask, followed by the Piledriver to win.

Winners: Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering & Deaner) (9:55)

Backstage: Rich Swann, Moose

Backstage, Rich Swann tells Moose he doesn’t trust him despite them being forced to team up in tonight’s main event. Moose vows to put their differences aside in order to take out Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Final
Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) vs. Havok & Nevaeh

It’s time for the finals of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament to crown new Knockouts Tag Team Champions! Havok hits Kiera with an Enzuigiri, followed by boots in the corner to both of her opponents. Kiera avoids a legdrop from Havok, allowing them to gain control. Kiera hits a running dropkick in the corner as she employs quick tags with Tasha. Havok catches Fire ‘N Flava in mid-air, then sends them crashing to the mat with a fallaway slam!

Nevaeh comes in with a burst of speed as she forces Tasha to DDT her own partner. Havok connects with a double chokeslam from the corner. Tasha hits Havok with a jumping neckbreaker off the second rope but Nevaeh breaks the pin! Kiera puts Nevaeh away with her signature swinging neckbreaker to win the match and become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions!

Winners: Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) – NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions (8:40)

Knockouts legends Madison Rayne and Gail Kim award the Knockouts Tag Team Championship belts to Fire ‘N Flava.

Ace Austin vs. Matt Cardona

Super X-Cup winner Ace Austin interrupts the show, alongside his muscle Madman Fulton. Ace is furious that he’s not competing at Hard To Kill and demands that he’s added to the three-way X-Division Championship match. IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore denies his request but brings out a special opponent just for him – Matt Cardona!

In a shocking turn of events, Matt Cardona makes his IMPACT Wrestling debut! Cardona hits a neckbreaker on the floor. Cardona is perched on the top but Fulton gets on the apron. Ace capitalizes off the distraction with a springboard legdrop! Cardona hits the Reboot when Fulton gets in the ring and attacks Cardona to cause the disqualification.

Winner: Matt Cardona by disqualification (2:30)

After the bell, Ace and Fulton continue the attack on Cardona but he turns the tables and sends them both retreating up the ramp!

X-Division Championship Triple Threat Match
Manik (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju

The first man to score a pinfall or submission will leave Hard To Kill with the X-Division Championship! Manik locks in a modified Texas Cloverleaf on Bey, while simultaneously hitting Rohit with a back suplex. Manik is perched over the second rope as Bey connects with a flying elbow drop to his back. Rohit powerbombs Bey on the hardest part of the ring. Rohit pulls the mask off Manik but he’s wearing face paint!

Manik connects with a tornado DDT to Rohit. Bey cuts off Manik with a mid-air cutter, followed by The Art of Finesse to Rohit! Manik almost puts Rohit away with the Detonation Kick but Bey breaks the pin at the very last moment! Manik hits Bey with the spike DDT, followed by a crucifix bomb for two! Rohit stomps Bey in the corner, then locks in the crossface on TJP. Manik rolls up Rohit to win the match and retain the X-Division Championship!

Winner: Manik (13:50)

Backstage: Eddie Edwards, Alisha

Eddie Edwards tells Alisha not to get involved in Barbed Wire Massacre against Sami Callihan tonight.

Knockouts Championship
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya charges Deonna at the opening bell to gain the advantage in the early going. It’s total anarchy at ringside as Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, Kimber Lee and Susan all get involved in the action, causing the referee to eject them from ringside!

Deonna targets the arm of Taya as she prepares to lock in the Fujiwara Armbar. Deonna continues the wear-down process on both the arm and leg until Taya begins to fight back with a spear! Taya hits a back suplex for two. Taya plants her opponent face-first into the mat before employing a modified STF.

Deonna locks in a brutal double armbar, forcing Taya to verbally submit!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (11:40)

Backstage: Acey Romero, John E. Bravo

Acey Romero reveals to John E Bravo that he found Larry D’s ring-rust cologne inside the Knockouts locker room. Acey is still trying to prove that Larry was set up in the shooting of John E Bravo.

The Karate Man vs. Ethan Page

Ethan Page collides with The Karate Man in one of the most bizarre matches of all time! As they battle all across the world, The Karate Man rips out the heart of Ethan Page!

Winner: The Karate Man

Backstage: Don Callis, Moose

As IMPACT Executive Vice President, Don Callis threatens Moose that if he doesn’t side with him, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers, he can make his life harder than it needs to be. Moose declines his offer and sends Callis a daunting message ahead of tonight’s main event.

Barbed Wire Massacre
Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan

Barbed wire surrounds the ring in every way possible as Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan look to put an end to their personal rivalry! The first touch of the barbed wire comes when Eddie kicks Callihan into the ropes. Eddie wraps barbed wire around the head of Callihan, busting him open in the process! Eddie dives through the ropes but Callihan counters, causing Eddie to go through a barbed-wire board! Callihan jumps off the apron with a Cactus elbow to the floor. Callihan drives a video game controller wrapped in barbed wire into Eddie’s forehead. Eddie hits the Blue Thunder Bomb into a barbed-wire steel chair! Callihan baits Eddie in, causing him to collide head-first with the barbed-wire steel cage. Both men square off with barbed-wire baseball bat and kendo stick in hand! Callihan hits a top rope Piledriver through a board wrapped in barbed wire but somehow, Eddie stays alive.

Eddie connects with the Boston Knee Party, followed by Emerald Flowsion into a barbed-wire steel chair to win!

Winner: Eddie Edwards (18:50)

After the match, Alisha comes out to check on her husband.

IMPACT Wrestling returns to Pay-Per-View on Saturday, April 24th – don’t miss the Rebellion.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann, Moose & Chris Sabin

Moose hits Anderson with a standing Moonsault in the early going. AEW and IMPACT World Champions square off as Omega and Swann go toe-to-toe!

Sabin and Swann connect with a double team DDT on Anderson. Sabin and Swann continue their assault with a flurry of dives to the outside! Omega and The Good Brothers join forces for a triple splash to Swann. Moose is on fire as he joins Swann and Sabin for a triple dropkick to Omega in the corner! Omega connects with a sit-out powerbomb on Sabin for two. Swann counters the Gun Stun but Omega takes him out with the V-Trigger! Moose hits Omega with a top rope Spanish Fly!

Moose and Swann team up for a modified Doomsday Device on Omega for a very close near fall! Swann counters the One-Winged Angel into a Posion Rana. Swann follows up with the 450 Splash but Omega kicks out! The Good Brothers take out Swann with the Magic Killer but Moose breaks the pin attempt. Omega connects with another V-Trigger, followed by the One-Winged Angel on Swann to score the victory.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (20:30)

Omega, The Good Brothers and Callis all celebrate as Hard To Kill goes off the air.

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