Matthew McConaughey wants to step into the ring?

Matthew McConaughey wants to step into the ring?
Matthew McConaughey wants to step into the ring?

The lifetime wrestling fan and Oscar-winning actor revealed his interest in being a part of WWE, and his prior history of getting into trouble at a show.

In an interview on Maria Menounous’ Better Together podcast, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey was asked if he’d ever step into the ring. Instead of quashing any thoughts, the The Gentlemen actor gave an intriguing response.

“You can’t say too much about these things, but it is something that interests me.”

McConaughey was recently spotted in the ThunderDome cheering on the WWE champion Drew McIntyre and has been a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, appearing at WWE shows as recently as 2019, when physical crowds were permitted. He also revealed that he was also kicked out of a Mid-South Wrestling show after spitting at WWE legend King Kong Bundy and hurling tomatoes at former wrestler Skhandor Akbar:

“You know I’ve been, I’ve been, I got kicked out of Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport, Alabama for pelting Skandor Akbar with tomatoes. ‘I got kicked out, I snuck back in through the bathroom window, and then I got kicked out a second time, the same night for spitting a loogie on King Kong Bundy.’”

He also talked about his love for the sport, how watching wrestling has integrated with his family life, on conversations he had with The Rock, and how his kids are starting to learn the truth behind the façade in wrestling.

McConaughey is your typical main event celebrity and wrestling superfan who the WWE gravitates towards during WrestleMania season to drum up mainstream interest and getting more eyes on the product. The likelihood of McConaughey appearing in a wrestling capacity, however, is extremely low and if we were to see the actor come to WWE then it would more than likely come in the form of a special guest host, as we’ve seen before with names like Snoop Dogg and Hugh Jackman.




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