Nick Jackson makes statement about his COVID-19 battle

Nick Jackson makes statement about his COVID-19 battle
Nick Jackson makes statement about his COVID-19 battle

Nick Jackson opened up about his struggles with COVID-19 even as one of his colleagues pushes false narratives about the global pandemic.

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the entire world. As of January 10, nearly 90 million have contracted COVID-19 across the world while total deaths near 2 million. Still, there are many individuals, some with massive platforms, that continue to deny the seriousness of the situation. Nick Jackson, one half of the Young Bucks, took to social media to not only call out those deniers but also talk about his own struggle with COVID-19.

“Crazy to think there are still COVID deniers out there in the world,” Jackson posted as an Instagram story. “I had a pretty bad case of COVID in early September that kept me bedridden for nearly 3 weeks.”

Jackson went on to describe his condition at the time that included the inability to taste or smell for almost three months, and hives all over his body. He also revealed that when he did return to performing that he had to rely on his brother to do the work in the matches because his cardio was not at it is best.

“Let’s protect each other and wear masks,” Jackson stated at the end of the post.

COVID-19 forced the wrestling industry to grind to a halt, causing performers to lose earnings due to the inability to perform and promotions having to shutter their doors. Tommy Lister Jr, also known as “Deebo” or “Zeus” from his time in professional wrestling movies and WWE allegedly died due to complications of COVID-19. The WWE has struggled with multiple outbreaks at their Florida locations including both on-screen and behind the scenes, talent contracting the disease. Still, as Jackson pointed out, there are still individuals within professional wrestling that actively promote the denial of COVID-19.

Take former AEW champion, Chris Jericho. There have been multiple instances in which he has had a very questionable response to the global pandemic. Back in August, he was called out for his response to the confirmed COVID-19 cases tied to a concert where his band, Fozzy, played – even though that the pandemic was in full rage by that point. He even had a recent episode of Talk is Jericho with COVID-19 “truther” David Weiss. The show description states, “what you can do to protect yourselves and your families from all of the mind control!”

Jackson, who is an EVP of AEW, has the voice to raise concerns about individuals like Jericho with AEW. This is not about silencing someone with a different political opinion but holding people accountable when their actions spread misinformation and put others in danger with said misinformation. COVID-19 denial is a threat and a reason why the United States continues to struggle as hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise.

It is great that Nick Jackson shared his story about his struggle with COVID-19 and informed his followers on the importance of wearing a mask. But will he and others within AEW do something about their colleagues that continue to push narratives that are opposite to the truth?

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