Who is the next opponent for Jade Cargill

Who is the next opponent for Jade Cargill
Who is the next opponent for Jade Cargill

Recent AEW signee Jade Cargill has yet to make her in-ring debut.  Who will be the first person to step up and challenge the newest edition to the women’s division?

AEW spent the better portion of a month setting up a feud between Jade Cargill and Brandi Rhodes shortly after Cargill’s debut. Those plans fell by the wayside when the Rhodes’ announced that Brandi is pregnant on a recent episode of AEW Dynamite. With the feud with Brandi off the table for the foreseeable future, Cargill is going to need to set her sights on another member of the AEW roster. These are the three wrestlers that make the most sense.


Portugal’s favorite athlete has been away from AEW for the majority of 2020 due to travel issues amid the pandemic. She came back in December and has been running through the competition on AEW Dark in recent weeks and should be about ready to get back into the mix of things on Dynamite. Shanna hasn’t built up much of a resume in AEW as of yet but she is a solid in-ring competitor that could put on some good matches with Cargill while ultimately putting her over and elevating her up the card.

AEW, Big Swole

Big Swole entering the ring (photo courtesy of AEW)

Big Swole

If AEW desires to catapult Cargill up to the top of the card quickly, a program with Big Swole might be right around the corner. Swole is currently ranked third in the AEW women’s division and not currently involved in a program with anyone. This would be a fun feud, as Cargill and Swole are two of the most athletic performers in the division and could put on a show in the ring. That being said, AEW will most likely want to protect Cargill at first, and putting her in the ring with Swole might be too much, too soon. While Swole most likely isn’t next for Jade, expect to see these two do battle sometime in 2021.

Red Velvet

Before announcing her pregnancy, Brandi Rhodes was wrestling a fair amount on AEW Dark.  Rhodes befriended and was tagging with a performer that was starting to pick up a lot of momentum in Red Velvet. Red Velvet has faced some good competition in the women’s division already, sharing the ring with Tay Conti, Anna Jay, and Abadon, and has shown that she can hold her own in the ring.

Being that Red Velvet and Brandi seemed to be establishing a close friendship, having Velvet step up and look to avenge Cargill’s attack on Brandi makes the most sense. Red Velvet is an opponent that could give Cargill a good match in the ring, makes sense from a story standpoint, and could give Cargill some ring time before moving up the card to more high profile matches.

Jade Cargill is an exciting addition to AEW’s women’s division and no matter who steps up to take her on they will have their hands full and will most likely be a stepping stone on Cargill’s path to greatness.


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