NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 1 Results – Jan. 4, 2021 – Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi – TPWW

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 1 Results – Jan. 4, 2021 – Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi – TPWW
NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 1 Results – Jan. 4, 2021 – Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi – TPWW

January 4, 2021
Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo Dome
English Commentary: Kevin Kelly, Chris Charlton, & Rocky Romero
Results via Ethan Renner of F4WOnline.com

Quick Match Results:

  1. Pre-show: 21-Man New Japan Rambo – BUSHI, Toru Yano, Chase Owens, & Bad Luck Fale advanced to KoPW Championship Four-Way match (34:40)
  2. #1 Contender for IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match – Hiromu Takahashi defeated El Phantasmo via Hurricanrana (pinfall 17:46)
  3. IWGP Tag Team Championship – Guerillas of Destiny defeated Dangerous Tekkers (c) via Ape Shit (pinfall 19:18)
  4. IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship Right to Challenge Contract match – KENTA (rights holder) defeated Satoshi Kojima via Go 2 Sleep (pinfall 14:12)
  5. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Great-O-Khan via High Fly Flow (pinfall 17:13)
  6. Kazuchika Okada defeated Will Ospreay via Rainmaker (pinfall 35:41)
  7. IWGP Heavyweight & IWGP Intercontinental Double Championship – Kota Ibushi defeated Tetsuya Naito (c) via Kamigoye (pinfall 31:18)

21-Man New Japan Rambo

This was an enjoyable battle royal. The production team did well with
getting shots of entrances and eliminations up until the very end when
guys started getting thrown out left and right. 

Nagata and Suzuki battler to the apron. Henare clotheslined them off
for the first eliminations. Nagata and Suzuki continued fighting on
their way to the back. 

Ishii threw Henare out over the top rope. Makabe eliminated Goto and
YH with a double clothesline over the top rope. Honma and Tenzan teamed
up to eliminate Makabe. 

DOUKI was disqualified for using his steel pipe as a weapon on Romero. 

BUSHI low-bridged Yujiro out of the ring. Ishii and Owens fought on
the apron. Fale knocked Ishii off the apron for an elimination. Fale
then threw out Tenzan, Romero, SHO and Tiger Mask in short order.

The Young Lions teamed up to try to take out Fale. Instead, Fale threw out Kidd, Uemura and Tsuji.  

Yano was the final entry and never made it into the ring, as only three competitors remained.

Winners: Toru Yano, BUSHI, Chase Owens, and Bad Luck Fale advance to King of Pro Wrestling 2021 Championship match on Night Two of Wrestle Kingdom 15.

Order of entry:

  1. Chase Owens
  2. Tomohiro Ishii
  3. Minoru Suzuki
  4. Yuji Nagata
  5. Toa Henare
  6. Hirooki Goto
  7. Yujiro Takahashi
  9. Togi Makabe
  10. Tomoaki Honma
  11. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
  12. Rocky Romero
  13. DOUKI
  14. SHO
  15. BUSHI
  16. Tiger Mask
  17. Bad Luck Fale
  18. Gabriel Kidd
  19. Yuya Uemura
  20. Yota Tsuji
  21. Toru Yano

Order of elimination:

  1. Yuji Nagata
  2. Minoru Suzuki
  3. Toa Henare
  4. Hirooki Goto
  6. Togi Makabe
  7. DOUKI
  8. Yujiro Takahashi
  9. Tomohiro Ishii
  10. Tomoaki Honma
  11. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
  12. Rocky Romero 
  13. SHO 
  14. Tiger Mask
  15. Gabriel Kidd
  16. Yuya Uemura
  17. Yota Tsuji

Don Kinashi opened the main show as the special guest ring announcer.
He introduced Riki Choshu, who walked to the ring with his grandson in
his arms. 

The show began with a Don King impersonator, Riki Choshu and a baby in a tuxedo, as is tradition. 

They declared the show had started.

Next, we had a video package highlighting tonight’s matches and the safety precautions being taken. 

#1 Contender for IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Hiromu Takahashi vs. El Phantasmo

Every move you can imagine was on display in this good back-and-forth
battle. We also had the customary Bullet Club ref bump here in the

ELP rolled outside at the opening bell. He grabbed Hiromu’s BOSJ
trophy and threw it. He then grabbed his own Super J-Cup jacket and
demanded that Jushin Liger put it on him. While he was taunting, Hiromu
landed a shotgun dropkick off the apron, sending ELP crashing through a
gate and off the raised platform around ringside. 

Hiromu hit a seated senton off the top rope to the floor. He went for
a sunset bomb, but ELP escaped and hit his own sunset bomb. ELP
followed up with a beautiful Asai moonsault off the ropes to the ramp. 

ELP teased a terminator dive. Hiromu landed a shotgun dropkick in the
ring. ELP answered by stomping away at various limbs. ELP walked the
top rope. Hiromu responded by biting his hand and hitting a cradle
driver off the top rope for a near fall. 

ELP did a finger break spot. He teased a Styles Clash. Instead,
Hiromu blocked and hit a Dynamite Plunger for a two count. They traded
thrust kicks. Hiromu hit a victory royal for a two count, but still sold
the damage from the finger break spot and ELP stomping on his hand. 

ELP used a victory roll for a near fall. Hiromu hit a thrust kick.
ELP teased an airplane spin neckbreaker. Hiromu blocked that, but fell
victim to a bastard driver for a two count. 

They fought on the top rope. ELP bumped the referee, then hit two low
blows to Hiromu. ELP hit a super rana off the top, then hit a frog
splash for a two count. 

ELP tried CRII. Hiromu blocked and sat down for a two count. ELP then
hit a Styles Clash for another near fall. He then hit a v-trigger and
teased a One-Winged Angel. Hiromu escaped and hit a DVD into the

ELP countered out of Time Bomb and used a bridge with his feet on the ropes for a close near fall. 

ELP went for CRII. Hiromu blocked and hit a hurricanrana, then trapped ELP’s legs for the pinfall. 

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi via Pinfall.

IWGP Tag Team Championship
Guerrillas of Destiny (Tanga Loa & Tama Tonga) vs. Dangerous Tekkers (Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr.) (c)

This was very long, but very good. Dangerous Tekkers sort of played
babyfaceto make the match work rather than doing a deal where two heel
teams tried to out-cheat each other. 

The teams and their respective seconds began brawling before the
opening bell. Taichi and Sabre established the early upper hand, trading
quick tags and using various chokeholds on Tama. 

Jado provided a distraction from the outside and allowed Tama to tag
out. Jado used a kendo stick on DOUKI on the floor. Tanga went to work
on Taichi and GOD cut him off in their corner. Taichi as babyface in
peril is something to see. 

Taichi hit a jumping high kick in the corner and tagged Sabre. Sabre
has a heck of a babyface hot tag. He used a European clutch on Tama for a
near fall. Sabre used an octopus on Tama. Tanga saved with an attack
from behind. Sabre was then cut off and worked over. 

Sabre tried to use a guillotine on Tanga. Instead, Tanga broke the
hold with a powerbomb. GOD hit Sabre with Guerrilla Warfare, but did not
attempt a cover. Jado called for the super powerbomb. Tama set it up
with a Stinger splash in the corner. Sabre used a guillotine on Tanga on
the top rope. Taichi used a stretch plum on Tama. 

Sabre and Taichi hit a stacked-up superplex on Tanga for a near fall.
Taichi then got a hot tag. All four guys jumped in as the match broke
down. Tama hit a Gun Stun on Sabre. Taichi blocked a Gun Stun and hit a
backdrop suplex on Tanga for a two count. Taichi took his trousers off. 

Tama jumped in with Taichi’s iron glove. He used it on Taichi. GOD then hit Apeshit and pinned Taichi to win the titles.

Winner: Guerillas of Destiny via Pinfall to become the new IWGP Tag Team Champions.

GOD did a big celebration on top the dugout in the stadium. 

A Jon Moxley video promo aired. 

Moxley said everyone who’s fought for the right to challenge him
probably thought they’d get off easy, but they’re wrong. Mox said he’s
the boogeyman of NJPW and whoever wins the contract tonight, he’s coming
for them. 

IWGP U.S. Heavyweight Championship Right to Challenge Contract Match
Satoshi Kojima vs. KENTA

This was kept simple, with just a few big moves and lots of selling
between the big spots. The match worked because of Kojima’s selling. 

KENTA tried some of his customary stalling at the outset. He got
distracted by Tenzan at ringside and Kojima was able to use the
distraction to get some early offense. 

KENTA used Kojima as a weapon on the outside, shoving him into
Tenzan. KENTA then hit a DDT on the floor. Back in, KENTA hit a top rope
clothesline for two. 

Kojima came back with some Mongolian chops and machine gun chops.
KENTA went for his draping DDT. Kojima blocked and they fought on the
apron. KENTA teased a vertical suplex on the apron. Kojima blocked and
hit a DDT on the apron. 

Kojima hit a Koji Cutter for a near fall. Kojima teased a lariat.
KENTA blocked and hit a powerslam. KENTA went outside and grabbed his
briefcase. He bumped the ref and tried a briefcase shot. Kojima hit a
lariat on the case and knocked it away. KENTA blocked one lariat. Kojima
hit a left arm lariat for a near fall. 

KENTA ducked another lariat attempt and hit a busaiku knee. They
traded strikes. KENTA hit another busaiku knee for another near fall. 

KENTA then followed with the Go 2 Sleep for the pin.

Winner: KENTA via Pinfall.

There was a commercial for NJPW Strong Spirits, a mobile game coming in 2021. A promo also aired teasing the NJPW U.S. and U.K. television deal. The English announcers made reference to the color purple being significant to the TV deal. 

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Great-O-Khan

This picked up when Tanahashi made his comeback. Tana is one of the
best sellers of all time. But when he’s selling O-Khan’s goofy offense,
it takes you out of the match. O-Khan has some building blocks that can
be useful, but he needs to make his strikes look better. 

They started with some mat work. They established that O-Khan can
hold his own on the mat. O-Khan tried to throw Tana over the top rope.
Tana tried to skin the cat back in and O-Khan chopped his hands. 

O-Khan posted Tanahashi and hit a slam on the ramp. They did a
countout tease, but Tana made it back in. O-Khan hit some of his wacky
Mongolian chops. He used a kneebar, but Tana reached the ropes. 

O-Khan tried a kick. Tana blocked and teased a dragon screw. O-Khan
slid out and went for another kick. Tana then hit a dragon screw. Tana
hit a series of flying forearms, but sold damage to his knees from
landing on them on the forearms. 

Tana hit a slam and a somersault senton for a near fall. O-Khan
blocked a slingblade and drove Tana into the mat with a unique throw.
O-Khan hit some more Mongolian chops. O-Khan used a kneebar. Tana forced
a break. 

O-Khan hit an overhead throw, teasing dumping Tana to the floor. Tana
skinned the cat this time, then hit twist and shout and a slingblade
for a near fall. 

Tanahashi went up top, teasing a High Fly Flow. O-Khan cut him off
and used the claw grip to pull Tana to the center of the ring. O-Khan
used a cobra twist with the claw grip to the face still applied. O-Khan
hit an inside-out back suplex for a near fall. 

O-Khan hit an inverted suplex for a two count, then grabbed a chair.
O-Khan called for a Dominator on the chair. Tana slid out and hit
another twist and shout. Tana teased using the chair, but tossed it
outside. Tana then hit a dragon suplex for a near fall. 

Tana went up top and hit a High Fly Flow to the back. He flipped O-Khan over, then hit a second High Fly Flow. Tanahashi covered for the pin.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi via Pinfall.

Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay

This was excellent, as you might expect from two of the best to ever
do it. A very brutal match with a lot of hard strikes. I need to watch
this again, but the time flew by on first viewing. 

After locking up, Okada did his customary clean break on the ropes.
Ospreay didn’t take kindly to being little brothered like that and fired
off a strike. They traded a series of strikes. Okada hit a running back
elbow and a DDT. 

Okada hit a rope-assisted tope con giro. Priestley started jawing at
Okada as he climbed back inside. Ospreay used the distraction to hit a
dropkick, sending Okada crashing to the floor. 

Ospreay and Priestley tore up some of the padding on the ring
platform, exposing the wood. Ospreay teased a piledriver on the wood.
Okada teased a DDT. Ospreay had to settle for a neckbreaker on a padded
section of the platform. 

Red Shoes refused to count the pin as Ospreay threw Okada back in
after the tactics on the outside. Ospreay hit a back suplex for a near
fall. Ospreay used a chinlock and remained in control. 

Okada hit a backdrop at the ten minute call to turn the tide. Okada
hit some bump-and-feed strikes, then a flapjack for a two count. Okada
teased his air raid crash neckbreaker. Ospreay blocked. Okada hit a big
boot, then hit the air raid crash for a two count. 

Ospreay came back with a pip pip cheerio. Ospreay hit a strike on the
belt line, then hit a German into a bridge for a near fall. Ospreay
went for a Storm Breaker. Okada hit a backdrop out, then hit heavy

The two traded strikes. Ospreay sat on the top rope. Okada hit a
dropkick and Ospreay fell to the floor. Okada sent Ospreay into the
barricade. Ospreay blocked a running boot. Okada avoided an Oscutter off
the barricade and hit a Woo dropkick on the floor. 

Back inside, Okada hit a picture-perfect shotgun dropkick off the top
rope. Ospreay fought off a tombstone attempt and hit a cheeky nando’s
kick. Ospreay hit a reverse bloody sunday DDT for a near fall. 

Ospreay hit a hook kick. Okada hit a dropkick. A crazy sequence
followed. Ospreay countered a dropkick attempt with a running powerbomb
for a near fall at the 20 minute call. The fight spilled back to the
exposed platform on the outside. 

Ospreay teased a suplex on the timekeeper’s table. Okada teased a
tombstone on the exposed platform. Ospreay suplexed Okada over the
barricade and through two timekeeper’s tables. Both guys were down on
the floor on the other side of the barricade. 

Ospreay dragged Okada back to the ring. Ospreay hit a springboard
forearm strike off the top rope to the back of the head for a near fall.
Ospreay hit a running powerbomb for another two count. Ospreay teased a
Storm Breaker off the apron to the exposed floor, but Okada blocked. 

Ospreay teased an Oscutter off the post to the apron. Okada blocked and hit a tombstone on the apron at the 25 minute call. 

Okada jumped back in the ring. Ospreay beat the count in at 18,  but
ran right into a short Rainmaker. Ospreay ducked another Rainmaker, but
Okada hit a dropkick. Okada used a Money Clip. Ospreay slid out, but
right into a spinning tombstone. 

Okada went back to the Money Clip. Priestley jumped on the apron.
Okada threw Ospreay in Priestley and she took a bump off the apron.
Okada maintained the Money Clip. After a long struggle, Ospreay reached
the bottom rope to force a break. 

The story now was that Ospreay was out of gas, while Okada still had plenty in the tank. 

Okada hit a series of heavy forearm strikes. Okada hit some short
kicks at the 30 minute call. Ospreay tried to fire up with strikes.
Okada no-sold the strikes and hit a slam. Okada went to the top rope.
Ospreay cut him off and they traded strikes. Ospreay hit a running

Ospreay hit a top rope Spanish Fly for a near fall. Okada blocked an
Oscutter. Ospreay escaped a Money Clip, then connected with an Oscutter.
Okada kicked out at two. 

Ospreay hit a series of strikes from the mount. He followed with
short kicks to the face. Red Shoes tried to intervene, so Ospreay threw
him down.  Ospreay hit a sick strike to the brain stem. Ospreay teased a
Hidden Blade, but Okada caught him with a dropkick. 

Ospreay ducked a spinning Rainmaker and went up top. Okada caught
Ospreay coming off the top with another dropkick. Ospreay escaped a
Money Clip and hit a tombstone and a Rainmaker for a near fall at the 35
minute call. 

Okada blocked a Storm Breaker and hit a sit-out tombstone. He followed immediately with a Rainmaker for the pin.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada via Pinfall.

IWGP Heavyweight & IWGP Intercontinental Double Championship
Kota Ibushi vs. Tetsuya Naito (c)

This was very good. They were in a tough spot having to follow the
last match. They had a much safer match than any from their 2019

They started with some mat work, bringing the crowd down a bit after the last match. 

The pace picked up and they fought to the floor. They did a series of
counters and teases on the apron and the floor, befofre Naito hit a
belly-to-back suplex on the ramp. Ibushi made it back in at 15. 

Naito used a headscissors on the mat, then hit a series of elbows in
the corner. Ibushi fought out of a DDT and hit a jumping mid kick and a
standing moonsault for a near fall at the 10 minute call. 

Naito hit a wicked back elbow. He tried a follow-up combinacion
cabron in the corner. Ibsuhi cut him off with a lariat on the apron.
Naito fell to the floor. Ibsuhi went outside after him. Naito hit a
neckbreaker on the floor. Naito hit another neckbreaker off the apron to
the floor, which looked sick. 

Back inside, Naito used a crucifix. Ibushi forced a rope break.
Ibushi blocked a flying forearm and hit a German. Naito no-sold the
German, but immediately fell victim to a double stomp from Ibushi. There
was a double down at the 15 minute call. 

Ibushi hit a powerslam, but missed a moonsault. Naito applied Pluma
Blanca. Ibushi forced a rope break. Naito hit a series of forearms and
elbows to the neck, setting up for a later Destino. Naito hit Gloria for
a near fall. 

Naito tried to set up a top rope frankensteiner. Ibushi slid out and
hit a backflip kick, sending Naito crashing to the mat and rolling to
the apron. Ibushi teased a package driver on the apron. Naito blocked
and hit a backdrop on the apron. Ibushi answered with a hurricanrana off
the apron to the floor. They teased a countout, but Naito made it back
in at 19. 

They fought on the ropes. Naito hit a reverse frankensteiner off the
top rope. Naito teased a Destino. Ibushi blocked the attempt with two
high kicks. Ibushi teased a Kamigoye. Naito avoided it and hit a
Destino, but Ibushi kicked out. Naito went for a second Destino. Ibushi
blocked and hit a bastard driver. They did another double down at the 25
minute call. 

They traded a series of strikes. Naito used a rolling capo kick.
Ibushi answered with a lariat, then hit a last ride. Ibushi maintained
wrist control after hitting the Last Ride. Ibushi hit a Kamigoye, but
Naito kicked out at two. 

Ibushi missed a phoenix splash. Naito hit a second Destino, but
Ibushi again kicked out. Ibushi slid out of a Destino attempt and hit a
mid kick, then hit a second Kamigoye. Naito kicked out at two. 

At the 30 mnute call, Ibushi pulled his right knee pad down. Naito
hit an enzuigiri and valentia. Naito went for another Destino. Ibushi
slid out and hit a jumping knee strike. 

Ibushi then hit a third Kamigoye, covered and pinned Naito to win double IWGP gold. 

Winner: Kota Ibushi via Pinfall to become the new IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Intercontinental Double Champion.

Ibushi sold his victory as though he was in a trance. It was really quite an artistic performance. 

Things got weird for a second when Ibushi tried to pin Naito after he came out of his trance. 

Red Shoes went to present Ibushi with the title belts. Naito took the
belts from Red Shoes. After a tense moment, Naito handed the belts to
Ibushi and raised the new champ’s arm. 

Jay White entered with Gedo. White said that Ibushi’s reign will last
for one night. He said he’s taking everything from Ibushi tomorrow. He
said Ibushi won’t become God tomorrow, White will expose him as a fraud.
White said every time Ibushi is about to reach the pinnacle, Jay will
be there to pull him down. 

White said Ibushi will help him fulfill his destino tomorrow when Jay
becomes God. Jay said Ibushi will breathe with the Switchblade

Ibushi then took the mic as White and Gedo retreated to the aisle. 

Ibushi thanked Naito. He said his reign will not end after one day.
He thanked the crowd for being there in such trying times. Ibushi
promised to keep the titles tomorrow and to become God tomorrow night. 

The show ended with fireworks and Ibushi posing on the entrance stage with both titles.

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