Joey Janella announces bold new event at GCW: Good Riddance

Joey Janella announces bold new event at GCW: Good Riddance
Joey Janella announces bold new event at GCW: Good Riddance

GCW made a shocking announcement last night that sent shockwaves through the Internet Wrestling Community.

Independent wrestling has had its share of hardships this year. From the speaking out movement, and the bravery displayed by those members of our community advocating for themselves and the safety of other fans to a global pandemic that effectively shut the industry down for a time. 2020 was a hell of a year.

That didn’t stop the men and women involved in independent wrestling from putting together some great shows and generally giving the middle finger to the behemoth wrestling companies that take up so much space in the industry.

One such company that does both with regularity is Joey Janella’s Game Changer Wrestling. Janella, who is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling, took a step back from performing on and promoting GCW shows this year as his focus turned more exclusively to his place in Jacksonville. But that didn’t stop the promotion from getting itself into hot water.

Back on the 19th of December, 2020. It was initially reported that the WWE had put GCW in its sights and attempted to trademark the name “The Collective”.  A name that is associated, in the world of professional wrestling, with a group of shows all promoted by GCW and done in indie venues during and around WrestleMania weekend. GCW shot back quickly filing for their own trademark as well as beginning a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #FreeGCW. Last night they fired another shot.

Last night was the final Game Changer Wrestling event of the year aptly titled GCW: Good Riddance. The first hour or pre-show of the event was streamed live and for free from the companies public youtube channel.

During the preshow. The enigmatic owner of the promotion Joey Janella entered the ring and made a startling announcement. In 2021, in cooperation with other independent promotions, GCW would be holding a 24-hour professional wrestling event from a secured and private location. The event, backed by corporate sponsors is called GCW: Fight Forever.

Which is a slogan regularly used by but not trademarked by WWE. The event will directly benefit Independent Wrestlers and the promotions and schools across the country that have been struggling since the pandemic began in early March of 2020. The event will also be live-streamed for free. Choosing instead to operate as a 24-hour telethon model. Allowing fans and supporters to call in or place donations directly which will be given to the affected performers.

No date for the event has been announced at this time. Keep an eye on Daily DDT for updates as more details become available.

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