Brodie’s Son Signed to AEW Contract, How Roster Heard News of Brodie’s Passing, Amanda Huber Shares More Thoughts – TPWW

Brodie’s Son Signed to AEW Contract, How Roster Heard News of Brodie’s Passing, Amanda Huber Shares More Thoughts – TPWW
Brodie’s Son Signed to AEW Contract, How Roster Heard News of Brodie’s Passing, Amanda Huber Shares More Thoughts – TPWW

Tony Schiavone Talks About Brodie Lee

On the latest episode of the What Happened When podcast with Tony Schiavone, Schiavone talked about the tragic death of Brodie Lee.

On Brodie Lee’s wife Amanda Huber telling everyone the news and asking them to keep the situation private:

Unfortunately, the AEW Uncensored podcast that we do, the one we did with Brodie, we did it the day before he got sick. Then we heard he had been airlifted to the Mayo Clinic and Amanda, his wife, came and met with the entire group and told us how bad a shape he was in and please don’t say anything to anybody.

I think everybody did a great job keeping it close to the vest as the old cliche goes. We all knew it didn’t look good but we were all hoping he would kick out. The day that he passed away, we received an email that we were going to have a company wide Zoom call in 30 minutes and I knew that if we were going to have a Zoom call that quickly, something was bad. So, they told us about that.

On Brodie’s family being backstage and AEW signing his son Brodie Huber to a “legitimate” contract:

I got to know his wife Amanda, his son Brodie has been backstage and we keep him backstage with us now. We take care of him. I do need to say this and I’m going to write something about this and post it somewhere. I think it would be worth the read because I’m really going to pour my heart out about this. Not only about Brodie and his family, but about our company and about Tony Khan, about how good they are and how much they have taken care of the family and how much they have just made Brodie’s family a part of ours. They did that because they care about people but they also do that because of what type of person Brodie was. […] It’s a tragic story. It’s a heartbreaking story because it’s such a good person and such a good dad.

Knowing that Brodie was very sick and knowing it was holiday time, and I guess knowing that for him to kick out, it was going to be, I don’t want to say a miracle, but it was going to be very difficult to kick out. They had brought little Brodie to TV and wrestling is his life. He is 8 years old. He really is a great kid. They made him a member of The Dark Order. They put a mask on him. He came out with a kendo stick. He beat up a lot of people. This of course was at a TV taping with nobody in the audience.

They signed him to a contract. They legitimately signed him to a contract and when he gets of age, he will be with AEW. They have taken care of him and he follows guys around all the time in the back and he becomes a part of us. Amanda is back there. When we do TV tapings now, we will have a live show or a taped show, Dynamite, and then we will have sometimes 13 dark matches. We are there until 2 AM sometimes. I was sitting back there with Amanda when Dark was going on and she said, ‘I’m dead tired. I need to get back and get some sleep but he (Brodie Jr) just loves this so much, I’m going to wait.’ So, she waits until it is all over and he gets involved with the guys and sits in the gorilla position. He sometimes comes out with a mask on and does some crazy things. It just shows you how the roster loved Brodie and how we are family… When Brodie was hired, we all said, man that’s a great hire because we knew he could work. Then when we got to know him, we thought, not only is this a great hire talent-wise, but he is a great hire because he is a great person backstage. It was a tough day when we got the news and it still is.

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Brodie Lee’s Wife Shares More Thoughts and Memories

Brodie Lee’s wife Amanda Huber shared more thoughts, including her final text conversation with Brodie, on Instagram.

It’s been 56 hours. 56 hours since you left. It’s been weird navigating this storm without you.

I was showing @margaret.stalvey videos of you tonight and this is one of the last videos I have. I remember in the moment mentioning you the Johnny Cash quote about paradise. You rolled your eyes and smiled. You knew I was right, but would never admit it. Playing with the dogs, Nolan “SUPERCHARGED” running, and Brodie chasing the dogs.

I got angry looking at your last texts. We had so much we planned. Then I got tagged in old pictures. Pictures I forgot existed. Pictures that remind we of the life we built. The storms we weathered. I’ve loved you since that first night we stayed up all night talking. I knew you were “it”. The weird things we had in common, the ease I was able to talk to you, but most of all your sense of humor. You could make me laugh like nobody else ever could. I LITERALLY “busted a gut” which you were SO proud of (that’s another story for another time)

Wednesday’s @allelitewrestling show @aewontnt will be a testament to the person you were. @tonyrkhan has poured so much thought and love into it, I know you’d be awe-struck. I can’t wait.

You had this infectious personality that made everyone fall in love with you. The kind words and stories and photos that have been shared have struck me to my core. The beautiful artwork is a testament to how you made people feel. I’m reposting some of them (which I hope is ok)

Amanda Huber Says Brodie Lee Did Not Have COVID-19

Wrestling columnist Bruce Mitchell was let go from Pro Wrestling Torch yesterday after backlash to a column he wrote (now removed) questioning if there was a COVID-19 “cover-up” in the death of Brodie Lee. The column was re-posted here.

Amanda Huber responded on Instagram, saying that Brodie repeatedly tested negative for COVID-19 while he was hospitalized and firing back at Mitchell’s “calls for transparency.”

Imagine being 17 and spending a night chatting with a mutual friend. Then realizing that they were “the one”

You spend 7 years in an on again/ off again relationship only to break up. Then you give it one last shot. One last try. You start therapy and really push each other to become better people.

You date some more. Navigate some crazy life curveballs. You find out you’re having a baby boy the day he is downsized. Then an injury in the sport they love. But you fight thru that. You get married and have the most beautiful little boy. That day you find out they got their dream job. The job they never in a million years thought they’d get.

You give up everything to watch them chase that dream. It pays off and that world becomes everything. It gives you both everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You go on to build your dream life with another perfect little boy, 2 crazy dogs, and 5 cats. They get an opportunity to really bet on themselves and you watch them shine like never before.

Life is SO good.

Then suddenly one day that person gets sick. Each day they get sicker and sicker. You know how much they value their privacy so you ask those helping you to keep it quiet out of respect for them. You watch helplessly as they get worst & worst. Covid test, after covid test, after covid test, come back negative. You almost pray for a positive one because it would be some kind of answer. You never get one.

Suddenly they are gone.

You have to try to figure out how to imagine your future now.

Then you read a “journalist’ demanding ‘transparency’ and insinuates you’re hiding something. That it’s some type of cover up. Something more so sinister. That you aren’t serving his memory best by not offering up information you’re still trying to process. As if his death was a public health hazard. It wasn’t. It was a tragedy.

There’s no cover up. There’s no conspiracy. There was just a series of unfortunate events that ended in your world being crushed.

What kind of position does that put you in? When you’re trying grieve and people practically expect you to post medical records because since they were a public figure, they are entitled to all the knowledge of what happened.

It wasn’t covid. There’s no shame in dying from Covid but it’s not what it was.

You have no answers and you’re just left there.

Can you just fuckin imagine that?

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