AJ Styles & Vince McMahon Met Over Twitch Ban, Trish Stratus Interested in NXT Job, Trademarks – TPWW

AJ Styles & Vince McMahon Met Over Twitch Ban, Trish Stratus Interested in NXT Job, Trademarks – TPWW
AJ Styles & Vince McMahon Met Over Twitch Ban, Trish Stratus Interested in NXT Job, Trademarks – TPWW

AJ Styles and Others Had Meeting with Vince McMahon Over Twitch Ban

TalkSPORT held a recent interview with AJ Styles. One of the topics discussed included Styles revealing that he and several other WWE talent recently had a meeting with Vince McMahon over WWE’s current ban on Twitch.

“I did. Myself, Xavier Woods and Sasha Banks had a sit-down meeting in Connecticut with Vince about this whole situation, and it was determined that it’s intellectual property, this is [points at his face].  We do well as far as the WWE, and if there’s an opportunity to pay back that money that, you know, we work hard for at different timesI, we probably should. I was doing this long before the lockdown, before the Coronavirus I was streaming and doing my thing, so I was always doing it on my time off… I wasn’t happy about it, no one was, but it is what it is. I’ll handle it the way that I have to. I’m a teamplayer, he [Vince] is the captain, I’ll follow his lead as far as Vince is concerned. Will it change, will something happen? They’re working it as we speak. Will I be happy with it? Probably not. The opportunity to stream in the future is wide-open.  I obviously have the equipment, I just don’t have the opportunity to do that right now.”

Transcript h/t: WrestleTalk.com

Trish Stratus Comments on Being Interested in Working as a NXT Producer

A recent episode of the Women’s Wrestle Talk podcast had Trish Stratus as the guest and one of the topics discussed included Stratus revealing that she has been interested in the idea of working backstage for NXT.

“I would love to. I love the idea of it. The reality is it comes with the road, right? And I just can’t do the road because of my family, at this point anyway. They’re young now. I have a three-year old and Max just turned 7. So at this point, I just couldn’t go back on the road like that and leave my family like that but yeah, I’d love to contribute in some way. It was nice to go back those couple times and just work with the girls and see how their minds work and telling the art of storytelling and just working with Fit [Finlay] again, it got me stimulated and him and I were in like this little — we’re like Frit and Frat. We just have this little connection when we were working together, and we would literally come up with ideas the more we would — and we’d be like, ‘Yeah…’ You just have that with someone. So we had that and so I thought, ‘Man, we could put some good matches together.’ We would be like co-agenting probably. We would be awesome but, yeah I would like to contribute in some way and I’ve talked to Matt Bloom, my former partner about possibly going to NXT. We’ve talked about it on a number of occasions. It’s just like never the right time has come about to do that but, I’d love to work with young minds and that was the best part about Tough Enough was just to work with these kids and that sort of thing so, yeah, for sure.”

Transcript h/t: PostWrestling.com

Keith Lee Files New Trademark & WWE’s “Stone Cold” Trademark Dispute Update

Keith Lee filed a trademark for “Keith Lee” for wrestling and entertainment-related purposes on December 18th to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As noted before, WWE is currently involved in a trademark dispute regarding their ownership of the “Stone Cold” with NFL player Chris Jones. HeelByNature.com reported that WWE filed a motion on December 15th to the USPTO requesting to suspend Jones’ trademark proceedings due to both sides currently in negotiations on a settlement deal to resolve the dispute. It was reported that if no settlement is reached by January 15, 2021, then the trademark proceedings will resume without further notice.

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